Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

( Top )Who do I contact if I need help or further information?

If you can't find the document you are looking for or require assistance using the Policy Library please email the Policy and Records Management Team, Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs, at

If you have found the document of interest to you and need further advice in regard to its application or interpretation you need to speak to the relevant Unit Head.

If you have a general enquiry this can be directed to the document's Enquiries Contact.

The Unit Head and Enquiries Contact details are recorded on the ‘Status and Details’ page. Open the document, and then click the link to the ‘Status and Details’ page (located at top of page on the light grey menu bar).

( Top )What is the Policy Library?

The Policy Library replaced the Academic Manual and Administrative Manuals when it was implemented in May 2014. The Policy Library is the sole authoritative source of official academic and administrative policies, procedures, guidelines and rules of the University.

The Policy Library is a Policy Development and Management System that has been designed to provide easy access for students, staff and other stakeholders to current and past University rules, policies, procedures and guidelines.

The Policy Development and Management System is a key workflow application which provides policy administrators (i.e. authors, endorsers, approvers etc.) with a suite of tools and automated functionalities to assist in policy development, review, consultation and approval.

( Top )What Information does the Policy Library provide?

The Policy Library has two main functions the first being a public web interface for users to access and view University policies, procedures, guidelines and rules.  The second being a development and management system (on-line database) to be used by authors, administrators, endorsers and approvers of University policy and related documents.

The Policy Library publishes all policies, procedures, guidelines and rule and, other relevant information including:

  • associated information and reference materials, such as other policies, procedures, legislation, forms
  • information about recent amendments and changes to documents
  • document author and ownership details, and
  • document review dates.

The Policy Library also provides users with access to draft documents and allows them provide feedback in a coordinated way.



( Top )How do I find the policy, procedure, guideline or rule I am looking for?

All policies, procedures, guidelines and rules are listed in the View A-Z page in alphabetical order, by title.

Or, you can use the search function from the Policy Library ‘Search’ page.  Simply enter your search criteria into the appropriate field to search the database for relevant documents, using:

  • Full Text  - search for one word, multiple words or tick “Match Exact Phrase” check box.
  • Keyword -  search for a keyword in the document title, summary or keywords.
  • Academic/Non-Academic – limit the search academic or non-academic documents
  • Management Area – limit search to documents managed by a specific Division, Unit or Office, or view all documents alphabetically by the Division, Unit or Office.
  • Document Category – limit search to documents by category.
  • Target Audience – limit search to documents that relate to a specific group (e.g. students).
  • Policy Reference Number – search by document reference number.

Full Text and/or keyword searches will also find matches in documents listed in Associated Information (all other search fields will not identify documents in Associated Information).

All documents matching your search criteria will be listed in alphabetical order, by title (unless you have included Management Area in your search criteria, in which case results will be listed, by Division/Office, by Unit, then by title).  To access a document, simply click on its title. 

If you are not sure which of the documents listed is the one you want, you can see a summary of each by clicking the 'VIEW SUMMARY DESCRIPTIONS' link (located in brackets immediately above your search results).

If your search has returned too many or too few results try a different search field.  You can narrow your search by using a combination of multiple fields.

Note: If you are looking for a historic or future version of a policy document you can access these from the current version. Links to historic or future versions are located in the grey menu bar (at the top of the page) in the current version.



( Top )Where can I find associated information?

Each document in the Policy Library has associated information which may include links and references to related information and materials such as relevant legislation; other policies, procedures and guidelines; forms; web pages.

You can access the ‘Associated Information’ page from the current version of the document - the link is in the light grey menu bar.

( Top )How can I provide feedback on an existing policy, procedure and guideline?

When policies, procedures or guidelines are under review a draft is posted to the Policy Library Bulletin Board. You can provide feedback on any document posted for comment on the Bulletin Board - just click on the document title and follow the prompts to provide feedback. Your comments will be sent through to the author for consideration.

If the Policy, Procedure or Guideline is not under review you can provide feedback directly to the author and Unit Head. To do this - open the current version of the document and go to the ‘Status and Details’ page (a link to this page is in the light grey menu bar). There you will find the name of the author, the relevant unit head and a contact for enquiries. Click on the name of any of these (usually the enquiries contact in the first instance) and an email page will open, allowing you to insert and forward feedback. Please ensure that you provide clear details about the particular document you are commenting on and sufficient information to relate your comments to the relevant part of the document (e.g. Section 3, clause 11).

( Top )How do I find a version that was in place in the past (an historic version)?

If you want to view a former (or historic) version of a policy, procedure, guideline document, you can by clicking on the current version of the document and using the 'Historic Versions' link in the light grey document menu bar. A listing of historic versions of the document will appear on this page in chronological order.  If you are looking for a version of the document that was in place prior to the implementation of the Policy Library (May 2014) please email the Policy and Records Management Team, Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs, at




Accessing the System
( Top )Do I need to login?

No – almost all the University’s policies, procedures, guidelines and rules are on the internet. A few policies relating to the University’s financial arrangements are restricted to staff and you will need your Charles Sturt University login and password to view these.

Draft documents posted on the Bulletin Board may ask for a login in order to provide feedback.  Drafts posted for comment by a small reference group are password protected during the early stages of development.

If you are a policy author, administrator, content editor (endorser) or approver and cannot login with your Charles Sturt University credentials, please email the Policy and Records Management Team, Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs, at