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Prizes Policy

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) This document sets out the University's policy and procedures for the approval and award of prizes. This Policy does not apply to scholarships.

(2) It is important to recognise that where a potential donor has offered to provide a prize for the University, it may be more appropriate that this prize be set up as a scholarship. Scholarships may confer significant advantages to both the donor and the University in comparison to prizes. Refer to clauses 3d and 13-15.

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Section 2 - GLOSSARY

(3) For the purpose of this Policy: Prize -

  1. means an award to a student for meritorious performance in some aspect of a course.
  2. Faculty Prize - means a prize which may be won by students of one Faculty only.
  3. University Prize - means a prize which may be won by students from any of the Faculties of the University.
  4. Scholarship - means an award to a student made on the basis of academic performance and/or other grounds, to assist the student to continue with his or her studies, to undertake further studies or to undertake some other academic activity. Scholarships are not governed by this policy.
  5. Donor - means a person or organisation who funds a prize or scholarship.
  6. Prize Criteria - means the criteria for a particular prize are the conditions relating to its award, as approved by a Faculty Board (Faculty Board) or the Academic Senate (Ac Sen).
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Section 3 - Characteristics of Prizes

Part A - Value of a Prize

(4) The University does not require a minimum monetary value for new prizes, however, it is expected that the prize will confer significant prestige, or significant value, upon the prize winner.

(5) From time to time, the Head of School (or other appropriate officer of the School or Faculty) may write to the donor of a prize that is for a monetary amount, to negotiate an increase in the monetary value of the prize.

Part B - Funding of Prizes

(6) Prizes may be funded by the donor on an annual basis, or by means of a sinking fund, or by an endowment administered by the University.

(7) For those prizes which involve a monetary award, the Head of School (or other appropriate officer of the School or Faculty) shall be responsible for administering the funds relating to this award. This includes prizes funded annually, and those funded by a sinking fund, or by an endowment, or other.

Part C - Types of Prizes

(8) A prize may be a gift voucher, money, a subscription, goods, or other as negotiated between the donor and Head of School. The Head of School will also determine together with the donor how the prize will be delivered to the University for awarding to the student. Refer to clauses 30-31.

Part D - Achievement That May be Recognised

(9) Prizes may be awarded to recognise:

  1. merit in a subject;
  2. merit in a group of subjects;
  3. merit in practical work, industrial experience, etc;
  4. merit in a stage or year of a course; or
  5. merit in a course.

(10) Where a donor, or School / Faculty, wishes some other form of achievement to be recognised, this will require the approval of the Academic Senate, on the advice of the Faculty Board.

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Section 4 - Approval of Prizes

(11) The University may administer a prize on behalf of a donor provided the criteria governing the award of the prize have been approved by the Academic Senate, for a University prize, or a Faculty Board for Faculty prizes, and are consistent with this Policy.

(12) Only prizes formally approved by the Academic Senate or a Faculty Board may be mentioned in University literature, and be presented at a University or Faculty function.

Part E - Establishing a Prize

Initial Offer

(13) Offers of prizes may be received by Schools, Faculties or other units of the University. All offers shall be processed by the relevant School, normally the office of the convening School for the subject in which the prize is being awarded, or other office of the Faculty as determined by the Executive Dean.

(14) Where a Head of School or other Faculty person responsible for setting up a prize is in doubt as to whether an offer from a donor should be set up as a prize or as a scholarship, they should discuss options with staff involved in managing scholarships. All offers of prizes should be considered as potential scholarships, as scholarships can offer a more diverse ongoing relationship between the University and the donor, and provide material benefit to both the student and the University.

(15) If a Faculty wishes to establish a University Prize, they must at the same time devise a mechanism for its administration by the Faculty or Faculties. This mechanism shall then be included in the criteria for the prize.

Part F - Confirmation of Offer with the Donor

(16) The Head of School (or other appropriate officer of the School or Faculty) shall liaise with the donor and ascertain:

  1. the proposed name of the prize;
  2. the type of meritorious performance the prize will recognise;
  3. the value of the prize and how it will be funded; and
  4. the nature of the award (refer to clauses 9-10).

(17) The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs pro forma (refer to clauses 18-19) may be used to assist in this process.

Selection Criteria

(18) The Head of School (or other appropriate officer of the School or Faculty), in consultation with other Head of Schools or Executive Deans where appropriate, will draft selection criteria for the prize using the relevant form in Course and Information System (CASIMS) provided by the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.

(19) The criteria will be consistent with this Policy and will specify:

  1. the value of the prize and the nature of the award;
  2. the achievement that the prize will recognise which should be written as precisely as possible;
  3. the composition of the committee that will select the recipient; and
  4. any other relevant details.

Approval of Prize Criteria

(20) Criteria for Faculty prizes shall go to the appropriate Faculty Board for approval. Criteria for University prizes shall go to the Academic Senate for approval, on the advice of the Faculty Board.

Registration of a Prize

(21) The register of Prizes will be retained within CASIMS.

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Section 5 - Awarding of Prizes

Part G - Conditions for the Awarding of Prizes

(22) A prize may only be awarded if the following conditions are met:

  1. the candidate has satisfied all conditions of the selection criteria for the prize;
  2. the candidate's performance is meritorious (a prize should not be awarded in any year where no candidate is of sufficient merit);
  3. all the work required for a prize has been completed by the candidate while enrolled at Charles Sturt University;
  4. the candidate is not repeating the subject or other work upon which the award of the prize is based; and
  5. the prize has been approved by the Faculty Board or Academic Senate, whichever is appropriate.

Part H - Selection of Winners

(23) Schools and/or Faculties are responsible for organising the selection of prize winners in accordance with the prize criteria for each prize (refer to clauses 18-19).

(24) Other methods of selection for a prize shall be approved by the Faculty Board, for Faculty prizes, or Academic Senate for University prizes.

(25) The Faculty Board, or the Academic Senate (for University prizes), may also approve that selection be made by an external body, in which case a shortlist approved by the Faculty shall be forwarded to that body.

Part I - Notification

(26) The Head of School, or other appropriate Faculty Officer, shall notify both the winner(s) of the prize and the donor of the result, and at the same time invite them to the prizes ceremony at which the prize will be presented (refer to clauses 27-29).

Part J - Presentation

(27) Prizes won by graduands shall be presented at the relevant graduation ceremony. Prize winners unable to attend the ceremony may collect their prize from the relevant School or Faculty. The list of all prize winners shall be printed in the graduation program.

(28) Ceremonial recognition for continuing students who have won prizes shall be organised by the School or Faculty. Prize winners unable to attend the ceremony may collect their prize from the relevant School or Faculty.

(29) A donor may stipulate that a prize be awarded at a function organised by the donor. Where the University is in agreement to proceed in this way, the donor shall undertake the organisation of this function, and the University shall organise the selection of prize winners, following the procedures outlined in this Policy.

Part K - Organisation of Prize Material

(30) Subsequent to selection of prize winners for a given year, the Head of School (or other appropriate officer of the School or Faculty) shall make arrangements for the collection from the donor of the prize money or other items to be awarded. These shall be forwarded to the student by the School, for continuing students. Prizes for graduating students shall be forwarded by the School to the relevant campus-based graduation coordinator in the Division of Student Administration.

(31) The Division of Student Administration shall prepare any prize certificates to be awarded to prize winners.