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Statement of Assurance - Conferral of Awards

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) In accordance with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021 (HESF), Australian higher education providers have primary responsibility to ensure that the provider’s higher education activities are reputable, of high quality, comply with institutional policy requirements, deliver expected outcomes for students, and that all qualifications awarded are credible for the level of qualification involved.

(2) Charles Sturt University recognises the requirements of the HESF and its responsibility for the academic standards of awards made in its name and ensures conformance of the HESF with a comprehensive governance framework.

(3) This Statement of Assurance — Conferral of Awards is developed as part of the University's quality management process for the conferral of awards and outlines the governance framework (including standards of quality and processes) in place to ensure that the University meets the HESF requirements. It sets out the University's approach to quality assurance for conferral of awards with relevant links to the governance framework (including individual policies and procedures, which establish more detail).

(4) This statement has the effect of a guideline to support the Conferral and Graduation Policy.


(5) This statement supplements and supports the University's governance framework, which sets out the University's expectations and requirements for practice by its staff, particularly in relation to quality assurance and quality enhancement in the process of conferral of awards.

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Section 2 - Policy

(6) This statement supports the Conferral and Graduation Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedure

(7) Nil.

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Section 4 - Statement

Governance framework

(8) The University has established a comprehensive governance framework for establishing, monitoring and sustaining quality and integrity in the conferral of awards process. The following governance instruments enable the University to confer awards in conformance with the HESF:

  1. Charles Sturt University Act: section 7(2)(e), section 19(1)(a)
  2. Charles Sturt University By-Law: section 105(1)(c)
  3. Governance (Academic Senate) Rule 2018: (9) h, l
  4. Delegation Schedule E - Academic and Research: (authorities to accredit courses, approve credit, approve lists of graduands and confer awards)
  5. Policies:
    1. Academic Quality Policy
    2. Assessment Policy
    3. Conferral and Graduation Policy
    4. Course and Subject Policy
    5. Credit Policy
    6. Governance (Honorary Awards and Titles) Rule 2021
    7. Higher Degree by Research Policy
  6. Detailed internal procedures/processes within faculties and Student Administration. These are available upon request.

Continuous quality improvement

(9) The University’s Organisational Assurance Framework is the approach used for continuous improvement of processes.

(10) This statement has been developed and will be maintained by the Office of Governance and Corporate Administration.

(11) Academic Senate will note and recommend the statement to University Council for noting, as required, and when amended.


(12) The processes and practices for conferring awards at Charles Sturt University will:

  1. be undertaken in compliance with the requirements prescribed in the Governance Framework
  2. be undertaken in accordance with the above mentioned Student Administration procedures (as relevant), and
  3. follow the continuous quality improvement approach.
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Section 5 - Glossary

(13) Nil.

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Section 6 - Document Context

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Document type
This document has the effect of a guideline under the Policy Framework Policy