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Official Portraiture Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Policy aims to ensure:

  1. appropriate recognition of distinguished service;
  2. documentation of the history of Charles Sturt University (the University); and
  3. enhancement of the quality of the University's art collection.


(2) This Policy applies to all official portraits commissioned by the University.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(3) In this Policy, unless the contrary intention appears:

  1. Act - means the Charles Sturt University Act 1989.
  2. By-law - means the Charles Sturt University By-law 2005.
  3. University Secretary - means the Secretary to the Council appointed under clause 19 of the By-law.
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Section 3 - Policy

Commissioning of Portraits

(4) The University Secretary will commission, on behalf of the Council, a single portrait of each of the following senior officers of the University:

  1. Chancellor
  2. Deputy Chancellor and
  3. Vice-Chancellor and President.

(5) The timing of the commission is at the discretion of the University Secretary but would generally be after the expiration of four years of the term of office of the senior officer.

Rights of Sitter

(6) A senior officer who is entitled to have his or her portrait commissioned under this Policy may decline to have his or her portrait commissioned.

Artist and Style

(7) The University Secretary will make the final decision about the artist to be commissioned on behalf of the Council.

(8) In making his or her decision, the University Secretary will consult with the sitter, the Chancellor, the University Art Curator and such other persons as may be appropriate.


(9) Official portraits of vice-chancellors and presidents will be funded from the Jack McDonough Endowment Fund under the rules established for the administration of that Fund with supplementation, if required, provided by the Division of Finance.

(10) Other official portraits when approved may be funded from funds specifically identified by the Vice-Chancellor.


(11) The following specifications apply to portraits commissioned under this Policy:

  1. Medium: the medium must be:
    1. oil or acrylic on canvas for portrait of the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor and President
    2. colour photograph on archive paper or canvas for the Deputy Chancellor
  2. Size: the visible canvas dimensions of the portrait must be:
    1. one metre wide by 1.25m long for the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor and President
    2. 900mm wide by one metre long for the Deputy Chancellor
  3. Frame: the portrait must be framed consistent with the framing of other portraits of the relevant officeholder and must be approved by the Secretary prior to framing;
  4. Presentation of sitter: as an official portrait of the holder of an office, the sitter:
    1. should be formally dressed in the ceremonial robe of office (it is not necessary for the mortar board or bonnet to be worn as the case may be);
    2. must be painted or photographed (as the case may be) in a seated position, consistent with the other official portraits.

(12) The University Secretary is responsible for providing direction to the artist regarding the commission and specifications and for determining whether any study or draft portrait conforms to the specifications.

Other Elements

(13) Portraits may, at the discretion of the artist, include any or all of the following elements:

  1. the University Flag;
  2. the University Mace;
  3. the University Indigenous Message Stick; and/or
  4. the University's Armorial Bearings.


(14) The artist will ensure that the canvas or photograph is clearly signed and dated by the artist on the facing side of the canvas or photograph.


(15) Each portrait must be delivered with a plaque inset at the bottom centre of the frame carrying an inscription bearing the following information:

  1. the sitter's full name followed by any honours received and post-nominals;
  2. the relevant office held at the University and the date of office;
  3. the artist's name and the medium;
  4. if the portrait was funded from a special fund or bequest, the name of the fund or bequest.

(16) The University Secretary will provide the above information to the artist where required.

Other Works

(17) The Council may request that the University Secretary commission a portrait of other distinguished members of the University community. The specifications for the work will be determined by the Council at the time of the request, however, it is expected that all portraits are consistent with the specifications set out in clauses 11 to 12.

(18) Where the sitter holds an official position with the University that has approved ceremonial robes (such as members of the Council, Academic Senate, Companion or Head of Campus), the sitter will wear the ceremonial robes of that office in preference to any other academic or official robes.

(19) Except as provided in clause 18, where the sitters holds an academic position, or otherwise holds academic qualifications (including members of the non-academic staff), the sitter will be robed in academic dress reflecting their awards.


(20) All official University portraits will be located in the Grange Chancellery. Where necessary the University Secretary may select portraits that may be located in other locations, such as a campus library or building, where there is insufficient room for all portraits in the Grange Chancellery and may direct the rotation of portraits as required.

(21) A list of official portraits is set out in Appendix A to this Policy. The University Secretary may amend Appendix A as new official portraits are added to the University collection.


(22) The Vice-Chancellor and University Secretary have such delegation under section 20 of the Act as may be necessary or convenient for giving effect to this Policy.


(23) The Official Portraiture Policy approved by the Board of Governors on 11 June 1999 is rescinded and superseded.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(24) Nil.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(25) Nil.