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Academic Senate - Standing Committee of Academic Senate - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) The Standing Committee of the Academic Senate shall comprise:

  1. Presiding Officer, Academic Senate - Presiding Officer;
  2. Deputy Presiding Officer, Academic Senate - Deputy Presiding Officer;
  3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic); and
  4. two members of the Academic Senate appointed by the Academic Senate.

(2) The appointed members of the Committee shall hold office for a two-year term.

(3) The manager, Academic Secretariat or nominee shall be secretary to the Committee.

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Section 2 - Terms of Reference

(4) The Standing Committee of the Academic Senate shall:

  1. meet to decide urgent matters which arise between meetings of the Academic Senate and when it is not convenient to call a full meeting of the Academic Senate;
  2. make determinations in accordance with the policies laid down by the Academic Senate, and will only approve matters of policy when it has delegated authority to do so from the Academic Senate; and
  3. provide minutes of the meetings of the Standing Committee to the next scheduled meeting of the Academic Senate for noting. Effective from the December 1996 meeting of the Academic Senate, the minutes of the Standing Committee shall be deemed to have been provided to the Academic Senate by virtue of their publication on Charles Sturt University's website.