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'Academic Senate Standing Committee' - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment

(1) The Standing Committee of the Academic Senate was established by the Academic Senate in its current form on 21 November 2018.


(2) The Academic Senate sometimes needs to make decisions on urgent matters between meetings of the full committee. The Standing Committee performs that function, as well as others detailed in Section 4 below.


(3) The purpose of the Standing Committee of the Academic Senate is to make decisions on urgent matters between meetings of the full committee, and to perform other functions as detailed in Section 4 below.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(4) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Committee – means the Standing Committee of the Academic Senate.
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Section 3 - Membership

(5) The members of the Committee shall be:

  1. Ex-officio members:
    1. Chair, Academic Senate- Chair;
    2. Deputy Chair, Academic Senate- Deputy Chair;
    3. Chair, University Courses Committee;
    4. Chair, Academic Quality and Standards Committee; and
    5. Chair, University Research Committee.
  2. Nominated members:
    1. three members of the Academic Senate, nominated by the Academic Senate.

(6)  The term of office for a member nominated by the Academic Senate shall be either two years from their date of appointment, or for the duration of their term of office on the Academic Senate, whichever is the lesser.

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Section 4 - Functions and responsibilities

(7) Subject to the Charles Sturt University Act 1989 No 76, the Charles Sturt University By-law 2005, the Rules or Resolutions of the University Council and the Academic Senate, and to the Resolutions of the Academic Senate, the Standing Committee of Academic Senate shall have authority to:

  1. decide urgent matters which arise between meetings of the Academic Senate and when it is not practicable to convene a full meeting of the Academic Senate;
  2. make decisions in accordance with the policies of the Academic Senate, and approve changes to policy when authorised by the Academic Senate, for noting at the next full meeting;
  3. approve lists of graduands and recommend to the Council or the Chancellor for admission to the relevant degree or award; and
  4. determine winners of the Charles Sturt Medal.
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Section 5 - Meetings


(8) A quorum shall be a majority, i.e., half of the entire membership, plus one.


(9) Meetings will be scheduled as required.

Agendas and minutes

(10) Agendas and minutes shall be prepared by Governance Services, Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs, by a secretary nominated by the University Secretary or their delegate.

Conflicts of interest

(11) Where a member has a perceived or material conflict of interest, they must declare this to the Chair and at the Committee meeting prior to discussion of the item of business.


(12) Variations to the terms of reference and/or the membership of the Committee must be approved by the Academic Senate.