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Student Charter

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Charles Sturt University (the University) Student Charter is to help students understand what it means to be a student member of the University community, including the expectations students and the University may have of each other. The Student Charter aims to encourage active partnership between the University and its students in learning and teaching, professional practice, research and the life of the University community.

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Section 2 - University Values

(2) All members of the University community are expected to value:

  1. intellectual independence and freedom of inquiry;
  2. the discovery, refinement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge;
  3. engagement with professions and communities through responsiveness, partnerships and inclusiveness;
  4. social justice including ethical practice and global citizenship;
  5. economic, social and environmental sustainability, including the responsible stewardship of resources; and
  6. the wellbeing and development of staff and students.
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Section 3 - Expectations

(3) Students can expect:

  1. to be treated with respect and tolerance and to pursue academic goals without fear or intimidation;
  2. access to information about University regulations, policies and procedures including research and study requirements and that they will be applied appropriately;
  3. the opportunity to engage with accessible and effective teaching and professional practice and to interact with researchers and research outcomes;
  4. University staff to interact with students with honesty, integrity and in a timely manner;
  5. recognition of the intellectual property rights of students to their work;
  6. opportunities to contribute to the organisational and cultural life of the University and to be represented and actively involved in relevant University committees;
  7. opportunities to provide feedback for the improvement of the University;
  8. a student centred approach to the provision of services including information technology, library and student support; and
  9. a safe and healthy University environment.

(4) The University expects students to:

  1. behave in a manner that demonstrates respect and tolerance;
  2. adhere to University rules, regulations, policies and procedures;
  3. actively and positively participate in teaching, learning, professional and research activities;
  4. interact with the University with honesty, integrity and in a timely manner;
  5. recognise the intellectual property rights of the work that others produce individually or in partnership with them;
  6. contribute to the organisational and cultural life of the University and to the work of relevant University committees;
  7. provide solicited and unsolicited feedback for the improvement of the University; and
  8. use University services responsibly.