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University Safety and Health Management Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) The Committee shall consist of:

  1. the Executive Director, Human Resources(Presiding Officer);
  2. the Executive Director, Facilities Management;
  3. the Dean of Students or nominee;
  4. a nominee of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  5. the Chief Financial Officer or nominee;
  6. Presiding Officers of the Northern and Southern Health and Safety Committees; and
  7. the Presiding Officer, Emergency Planning Committee.

(2) Staff with Right of Audience and Debate are:

  1. the Director, Workplace Relations and Policy; and
  2. the Manager, Work Health and Safety.

(3) The Secretary to the committee shall be provided from the Division of Human Resources.

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Section 2 - Terms of Reference

(4) The duties of the University Safety and Health Management Committee (USHMC) (USHMC) shall be to recommended to the Vice-Chancellor:

  1. policy initiatives in the area of workplace health and safety, inclusive of emergency and critical incident and health and wellness;
  2. the review of University policies and procedures in terms of their implications for the University's health and safety statutory requirements; and
  3. health or safety related matters referred by the Vice-Chancellor, Presiding Officer of the Executive Committee of Council, other relevant committees, and the Manager, Work Health and Safety.

(5) In addition, the Committee shall:

  1. monitor the effectiveness of the University's work health and safety management systems and provide advice and/or assistance aimed at ensuring the continual improvement of these systems;
  2. assist with the development, amendment and/or implementation of the University's work health and safety management systems with a view to ensuring integration and implementation of systems for staff, students and visitors;
  3. consult with and advise appropriate committees and officers of the University on health and safety related matters;
  4. provide a forum for discussion of work health and safety issues within the University, including awareness and professional development for students;
  5. monitor and review the implementation of work health and safety issues associated with new or proposed ventures of the University and existing enterprises and remote sites;
  6. oversee detailed incident reports and ensure appropriate action is taken, inclusive of briefing the Vice-Chancellor and University Council where applicable; and
  7. foster a culture of mindfulness (risk awareness) in relation to Health and safety issues.
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Section 3 - Advisory Committees

(6) The Committee shall have the power to appoint specialist advisory committees to assist in relation to particular health or safety issues.

(7) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a specialist member or members to assist in relation to particular identified issues.

(8) Matters pertaining to radiation safety, chemical safety and biological safety will be dealt with by their respective compliance committees.