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'Equity and Diversity Committee' - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment

(1) Established by the Vice-Chancellor as endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team (VCLT) on 25 March 2014.


(2) The Equity and Diversity Committee is a sub-committee of the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team and reports to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team.


(3) The Committee is outcomes driven and supports the University through the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team to promote equity and diversity, and a culture of inclusiveness within the University, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team.

(4) The Committee is responsible for monitoring the University’s compliance with state and federal inclusion and anti-discrimination legislation.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(5) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Committee – means Equity and Diversity Committee.
  2. Student – means a person who is actively enrolled in a program or course offered by the University. 
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Section 3 - Membership

(6) The members of the committee shall be:

  1. Ex-officio members:
    1. Executive Director, People and Culture or nominee (Chair);
    2. Executive Director, Student Success;
    3. Manager, Equity and Diversity;
    4. Director, Culture, Capability and Wellbeing;
    5. Head, School of Indigenous Australian Studies.
  2. Nominated members:
    1. One Executive Dean nominated by the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
    2. One nominee of the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
    3. One nominee of the Vice-Chancellor;
    4. Two student nominees appointed by the Chair. 
  3. Audience and Debate
    1. Chair, Leadership Development for Women Steering Committee;
    2. Director, Student Safety and Wellbeing;
    3. Project Manager, Equity and Diversity, Human Resources.

(7) Chair and Deputy Chair:

  1. the Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from amongst the membership of the Committee.
  2. the Deputy Chair will be nominated and elected by and from the members of the Committee.

(8) Terms of office:

  1. the term of office of nominated, appointed and elected members of the Committee shall be two years.

(9) The Chair shall have the power to appoint additional members, including student representatives, to the Committee or grant powers of audience and debate, noting that Committee membership should strive to achieve the 40:40:20 gender balance target.

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Section 4 - Functions and Responsibilities

(10) The Committee will:   

  1. consult with representative groups to ensure participation, awareness and coordination of equity initiatives and programs;
  2. receive reports and recommendations from stakeholders and working parties;
  3. make reports and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team (VCLT);
  4. be responsible for driving and monitoring policy, including equity plans and programs, and implementation of practice by setting priorities, strategies, targets and evidencing best practice;
  5. facilitate capability building; making sure equity and diversity are embedded and sustainable through managers, staff and student practices;
  6. review and contribute to business and strategic planning to promote an holistic view including equity and diversity;
  7. take a unified approach to equity and diversity for staff, students and the University community;
  8. establish specialist working parties in conjunction with faculties and divisions to progress specific programs where appropriate. These focus areas will include, but are not limited to, women and gender equity; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people with disability; LGBTIQ; and people from different age groups and cultural backgrounds. 
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Section 5 - Meetings


(11) At any meeting of the Committee a quorum shall be a majority of the current membership of the Committee.


(12) The Committee shall conduct a minimum of four (4) ordinary meetings each year.

Agendas and minutes

(13) Executive support for the Committee will be provided by the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.