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Equity and Diversity Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) The compositions will include:

  1. Ex-officio members:
    1. Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
    2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students);
    3. Executive Director, Human Resources;
    4. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Education);
    5. Chair of Senior Womans Forum;
    6. Chair of Head of School Forum;
    7. Dean of Students; and
    8. Manager, Diversity and Equity.
  2. Nominated members:
    1. one Executive Dean nominated by the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
    2. one Executive Director nominated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students);
  3. Audience and debate:
    1. Director, Workplace Relations and Policy;
    2. Indigenous Employment Coordinator.
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Section 2 - Organisation

(2) As a minimum requirement, at least one-third of the Committee's membership is to be female.

(3) The Presiding Officer shall have the power to coopt or appoint additional members to the committee or grant powers of audience and debate.

(4) Executive support for the Committee will be provided by the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.

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Section 3 - Terms of Reference

(5) The Equity and Diversity Committee is a committee of the Vice-Chancellor and was endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team on 25 March 2014.

(6) The duties of the Equity and Diversity Committee shall be to recommend to the Vice-Chancellor on:

  1. organisational priorities in relation to equity and diversity;
  2. compliance with relevant legislative and reporting requirements, including state and federal anti-discrimination legislation and the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth);
    1. Protected characteristics under legislation include:
      1. Age;
      2. Disability;
      3. Sex;
      4. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
      5. Family or carer responsibilities;
      6. Marital, relationship and domestic status;
      7. Sexual and gender diversity;
      8. Race, colour, nationality, descent, national or ethno religious origin; and
      9. Religious or political affiliation, views or beliefs.
    2. Employment equity programs under legislation target
      1. Women;
      2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
      3. People with disability; and
      4. People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  3. policy initiatives that support equity and diversity;
  4. the development and setting of equity and diversity goals, strategies and targets linked to the strategic, operational and Faculty/Divisional planning process;
  5. evaluating progress towards achieving equity and diversity goals, strategies targets and evidencing best practice; and
  6. equity and diversity related matters referred to the Committee.

(7) In addition, the Committee shall:

  1. identify any impediments to progressing equity and diversity and consider strategies for overcoming them;
  2. advise on the development and implementation of the University's equity plans;
  3. evaluate the effectiveness of strategies introduced to promote equity and diversity and receive reports from divisions and faculties on strategy implementation and operational issues of equity;
  4. review and audit progress and achievements in relation to equity and diversity in Faculty/Divisional operational planning;
  5. consult with and advise appropriate committees and officers of the University on equity and diversity matters;
  6. provide a forum for discussion of equity and diversity issues within the University; and
  7. contribute to the communication and reinforcement of shared values around equity and diversity to support a culture of inclusiveness within the University.

(8) The Committee shall have the power to appoint specialist advisory committees to assist in relation to particular equity and diversity issues.