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'Vice-Chancellor's Forum' - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Vice-Chancellor's Forum (VCF) is a mechanism that brings together senior members of the University community to provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor. The VCF provides an opportunity for input into development of University strategy and direction. The Forum also contributes to enhanced commitment to the directions of the University, improved organisational and leadership capability through the development of individual and collective knowledge, and enhanced organisational communication.

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Section 2 - Membership

(2) The Vice-Chancellor's Forum shall comprise:

Academic - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement)
- Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
- Faculty Deans
- One Director representative (from the Strategic Research Centres and Centres of Excellence on rotation)
- One Director representative from the Flexible Learning Institute or Education for Practice Institute (on rotation)
Academic Governance Chair, Academic Senate
Community Heads of Campus
Institutional Development
- Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students)
Primary Cost Centre Managers:
- Executive Director, Division of Facilities Management
- Chief Financial Officer
- Executive Director, People and Culture
- Executive Director, Division of Student Services
- Executive Director, Division of Information Technology
- Executive Director, Learning and Teaching Services
- Executive Director, Division of Library Services
- Executive Director, Division of Student Administration
- Director, Corporate Governance
- Director, Planning and Audit
- Executive Director, Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer
- Manager, Academic Governance
- Manager, Office of International Relations
- Head, School of Indigenous Australian Studies
Leadership representation - (Up to) 2 representatives of the Committee of Heads of School
- Representative of Senior Women's Forum
- Representative of Professorial Forum
- Representative of Directors Forum (not a Primary Cost Centre Manager)
Professional development opportunities will be offered for those staff who are in the leadership courses of the University through invitations to attend as part of the structure of these leadership programs.
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Section 3 - Terms of Reference

(3) The Forum will meet face-to-face up to three times per year. Meetings will normally occur in March, June and November and will proceed subject to the Vice-Chancellor's advice.

(4) The Forum will be supported by Director, Service Alignment, Director, Organisational and People Capability and the Chief of Staff.

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Section 4 - Expectations of Members

(5) The Vice-Chancellor will set the agenda for each meeting. Members of the Vice-Chancellors Forum are expected to:

  1. contribute to the development of strategic direction of the University;
  2. bring the perspective of the group they manage or represent to a whole of institution discussion;
  3. take institutional messages back to those they manage or represent; and
  4. ensure that future decision making by those they manage or represent is reflective of University directions.

(6) A communication briefing will be made available after each Vice-Chancellor's Forum for members to use in communicating messages to those they manage or represent.