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'Academic Risk Management Working Group' - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment

(1) Charles Sturt University (the University) has a responsibility as a higher education provider to identify, manage, mitigate and monitor any academic risks that may adversely affect the quality of the education and research activities which are offered and undertaken at the University. Charles Sturt University has a further responsibility to mitigate and manage any foreseeable risks to academic and research integrity at the University. 


(2) The Academic Risk Management Working Group shall undertake the duties as listed under Section 4 to provide leadership and oversight of academic risk issues and assist with the implementation of the Strengthening Academic Risk Management Action Plan.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(3) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Working group – means the Academic Risk Management Working Group.
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Section 3 - Membership

(4) The working group shall comprise:

  1. the Chair, University Courses Committee;
  2. the Chair, University Learning and Teaching Committee;
  3. the Chair, University Research Committee;
  4. one representative from each Faculty Board, to be nominated by the Chair of the Faculty Board;
  5. one representative from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students);
  6. two representatives from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) representing both research and engagement (partnerships);
  7. the University Secretary or nominee.

(5) The chair of the working group shall be nominated by the working group from among the chairs of the University Courses Committee, University Learning and Teaching Committee and University Research Committee.

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Section 4 -  Functions and responsibilities

(6) The working group will:

  1. provide advice to the Academic Senate and its sub-committees on their responsibility for overseeing academic risk management;
  2. review the academic risk register to identify gaps, confirm risk ratings and follow up overdue treatments;
  3. contribute to the design and development of the academic risk reports to Academic Senate and Council committees;
  4. assist with the implementation of the Strengthening Academic Risk – Action Plan (August 2019);
  5. benchmark the University’s risk management activities against other institutions in the sector;
  6. assist the risk management consultant undertaking a review of the University’s risk management practices, in particular with the work to fine-tune identified academic risks.
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Section 5 - Meetings


(7) A quorum for a meeting of the working group shall be a majority of the membership, i.e., half of the entire membership, plus one.


(8) Meetings of the working group shall be held as required and reported to the following meeting of Academic Senate.

Agendas and minutes

(9) Agendas and minutes of the working group will be prepared by the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.

Conflicts of interest

(10) Where a member has a perceived or material conflict of interest, they must declare this to the chair and at the working group meeting before the item of business is discussed.


(11) Variations to the terms of reference and/or membership of the working group must be approved by the Academic Senate.