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Contractor Safety Management Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This procedure defines processes required to be implemented when engaging third parties as part of University business to ensure the safety of our students, staff and visitors as well as the protection of our assets and environment.


(2) This procedure applies to all staff or other persons engaging third parties on behalf of Charles Sturt University (the University) to work or perform activities on a University premise. 

(3) This procedure does not apply to activities being undertaken within a defined worksite that is under the control of an appointed Head Contractor or Principal Contractor.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(4) For the purpose of this procedure, the following terms have the definitions stated:

  1. Authority to proceed - means a written approval by the Site Supervisor to the contractor that the conditions to commence work have been approved. 
  2. Contractor - means a third party such as contractors, consultants, advisors, assessors, inspectors, maintenance providers, vendors, stallholders, cable contractors, and service contractors or technicians.
  3. Contractor card - means a Charles Sturt University contractor photo identification and access card. 
  4. Safe work plan - means a documented plan provided by the contractor that sets out how they will perform the works in a safe manner.
  5. Site attendance register - means the log of the contractors attendance to a specific site and may be in the form of manual, electronic or a combination of means.
  6. Site supervisor - means the Charles Sturt staff member who has responsibility and delegation for organising, coordinating and managing contractor activities, on behalf of the University.
  7. University premise - means any land which is owned, controlled, managed or occupied by the University together with any building, construction or facility of any kind, whether permanent or temporary, on that land and also includes any other building, construction or facility which is under the control or management of, or which is occupied by the University.
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Section 3 - Policy

(5) Work Health and Safety Policy.

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Section 4 - Procedures


(6) All contractors and their workers must be pre-approved for work at the University prior to their attendance at site.

(7) The Charles Sturt Contractor Management web pages provide the status of approval for both contractors and their workers if they are already pre-registered. The web pages also provide details on how contractors and their workers can request prequalification.

Company/contractor prequalification

(8) Contractors can submit their company documentation via the company web form.

(9) Information required to register includes: company/business name; ABN; representative/contact person; contact number; email address; type of work; contact person at Charles Sturt (if known); certificates of currency; licenses and registrations and; company work health and safety status documentation.

Worker prequalification

(10) All workers are required to be pre-approved for work at Charles Sturt. 

(11) Workers are to submit their documentation via the worker web form

(12) Information required to register includes: company/business name; worker’s name; worker's contact number; worker's email; worker's Charles Sturt ID number (if issued with a personal Charles Sturt ID card); description of work; licences, registrations and training.

General induction.

(13) All workers must undertake the Charles Sturt General Induction as part of their prequalification.

Charles Sturt Contractor cards

(14) Workers that will visit Charles Sturt’s sites on more than a single occasion must apply for a personalised Charles Sturt University Contractor photo ID access card using the CSU card application for contractors.

(15) The worker must wear their Charles Sturt photo ID access card while on campus and present it to a University Officer. 

(16) Workers are required to sign into and out of campus each day as directed by their site supervisor.

Prequalification status of company’s and workers

(17) The existing prequalification status of companies and workers can be seen at the status web page.

Authority to proceed permit to work

(18) After a successful prequalification and the agreement with the site supervisor on a safe work plan, the site supervisor shall provide the contractor with a written ‘authority to proceed’. 

(19) The site supervisor shall ensure an ‘authority to proceed’ directive is given before any contractor work is undertaken.


(20) The site supervisor shall ensure appropriate on-site supervision is provided as per table 1: Contractor category examples.

(21) If the contractor you wish to engage does not fit one of the categories in table 1: Contractor category examples, seek advice from


(22) The University’s site supervisor is responsible for:

  1. ensuring that the contractor and workers are pre-approved,
  2. that a safe work plan has been provided for the works,
  3. that contractors have received all required local inductions,
  4. that the contractor is informed of any specific University or campus restrictions that may be in place from time to time,
  5. that the works are conducted in a safe manner as per the safe work plan,
  6. ensuring that any planned works to University facilities or infrastructure are approved by the Division of Facilities Management. This includes any works associated with grounds, excavations, penetration or abrasion of walls, access to ceiling spaces or subfloor areas or similar, and
  7. that a record of the safe work plan and the conduct of the works must be kept as part of the works’ documentation.

(23) Division of Finance/Procurement staff will ensure that contractor safety requirements and assessments are included in all tenders (RFx) and engagement documentation.


(24) Any accident, incident or near miss involving a staff member, student, contractor, visitor or the works being undertaken must be reported as per the University’s work health and safety incident procedures in the University’s incident reporting system. This includes the non-compliance or non-conformance of University staff or a contractor or their workers.  

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(25) Nil.