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CSU Excellence Awards Panel - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment and Purpose

(1) The CSU Excellence Awards Panel was established by the Executive Director, Human Resources under the endorsement of the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team (VCLT).

(2) The purpose of the Panel is to provide recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team for CSU Excellence Awards recipients from nominations received annually in line with the CSU Excellence Awards Guidelines and these terms of reference.

(3) The Panel has cross University representation and is chaired by a representative from the Organisational Culture and Capability in the Division of Human Resources.

(4) Members of the Panel are nominated each year by their respective Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team member.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(5) For the purpose of this Membership and Terms of Reference:

  1. Panel – means the CSU Excellence Awards Panel acting as a selection committee for the CSU Excellence Awards.
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Section 3 - Scope

(6) The Panel will receive nominations that have been short-listed by each business area.

(7) The nominations received will be assessed against the General Selection Criteria and the Category Specific Criteria for the award category in which they are nominating. 

(8) The Panel will forward its recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team for endorsement.

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Section 4 - Membership

(9) The membership of the CSU Excellence Awards Panel is comprised of:

  1. a representative from the Organisational Culture and Capability in the Division of Human Resources ;
  2. a representative from the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) leadership group;
  3. an Executive Dean (rotating annually between the Faculties);
  4. a representative from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) leadership group;
  5. a Research leadership representative;
  6. a representative from the Corporate Services Group;
  7. a representative from the Division of Human Resources leadership group.
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Section 5 - Terms of Reference

(10) The CSU Excellence Awards Panel aims to ensure a consistent and fair decision making process when considering nominations.  The Panel will provide advice and guidance to the
Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team on:

  1. the number of awards to be granted; and
  2. the number of recipients of the awards.

(11) Members who serve on the Panel are not eligible for an individual or team award during the year they serve.

(12) Any panel member who supervises, has nominated, or acts as a referee for a candidate for the CSU Excellence Awards, must declare their Conflict of Interest and not participate in deliberation or voting in relation to that nominee.

(13) The Panel’s recommendation and the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team endorsement of an award are not subject to internal appeal or review.

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Section 6 - Operating Principles 

(14) Within the model of "yindyamarra winhanganha" the Panel is committed to:

  1. living the University Ethos and Values;
  2. building our culture and reinforcing the desired behaviours and performance that contribute to the success of the University; and
  3. collaborative discussion across award categories.
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Section 7 - Meetings

(15) The CSU Excellence Awards Panel will meet once a year to assess the nominations received.

(16) A quorum for the Panel is four of the current membership.

(17) The Organisational Culture and Capability in the Division of Human Resources will provide secretariat support to the Panel as required.