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Governance (Pro Chancellor) Rule 2007 No. 4

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

This Rule is rescinded and replaced by the Governance (Honorary Awards and Titles) Rule.

Division 1 Introduction

Name of Rule

(1) This Rule is the Governance (Pro Chancellor) Rule 2007 No. 4.


(2) This Rule commences on 31 August 2007 under resolution CNL07/100.


(3) This Rule is enacted for the purpose of establishing the ceremonial position of Pro Chancellor and defining the functions of the position.


(4) This Rule is made pursuant to authority granted to the Council under sections 31(1) and 32 of the Act.

Notes: Sections 31(1)(f) and 32 of the Act state that the Council may make Rules.


(5) In this Rule:

  1. Act - means the Charles Sturt University Act 1989.
  2. By-law - means the Charles Sturt University By-law 2005.
  3. Council - means the University Council established under Part 3 of the Act.
  4. University Secretary - means the Secretary appointed under the By-law and includes a person or persons appointed to act on behalf of the Secretary from time to time.

(6) In this Rule, unless the contrary intention appears:

  1. a word or term that has not been deļ¬ned in this Rule has the same meaning attributed to that word or term in the Act or By-law;
  2. a reference to an officer of the University includes any person acting in that position; and
  3. headings and notes do not form part of this Rule.

Division 2 Members and officeholders of committees

Establishment of office of Pro Chancellor

(7) There is to be a ceremonial position of Pro Chancellor.

Appointment of Pro Chancellor

(8) The Council may, by resolution, appoint a person to the position of Pro Chancellor to represent the Council in a region or regions of the University, for a term not exceeding two years.

(9) Despite clause 8, an appointment may be terminated at any time by notice in writing signed by the Chancellor.

(10) Upon the approval of the Chancellor, the University Secretary may appoint a member of the Council to act in the role of Pro Chancellor for a particular official ceremony or approved event.

Status and Function of Pro Chancellor

(11) The Pro Chancellor is an honorary position of the Council.

(12) The Pro Chancellor may, at the formal invitation of the Chancellor or the University Secretary, preside at official ceremonies of the University within Australia on behalf of the Chancellor where the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor or member of the Council are unable to do so, or at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Form of Dress

(13) The form of ceremonial dress of the Pro Chancellor will be as determined by the University Secretary from time to time.


(14) The office of the Pro Chancellor is a ceremonial office and holds no formal authority on behalf of the University.

(15) The Pro Chancellor may not bind or make representations for or on behalf of the University.

Division 3 Expenses

Expenses generally

(16) Sections 60, 61, 64, 65, and 67 of the University Governance Framework apply to the Pro Chancellor as though the Pro Chancellor were an eligible member of the Council. No other provisions of the University Governance Framework apply to the position of Pro Chancellor.