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Academic Senate - Research Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) The Research Committee shall comprise of:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry) or nominee - Presiding Officer;
  2. Presiding Officer, Academic Senate;
  3. Director, Research;
  4. the Associate Dean, Research of each Faculty;
  5. two Research Centre Directors, nominated by the Research Centres;
  6. three Research Active academic staff, nominated by Academic Senate, one each in the following categories:
    1. Level E;
    2. Level C or D; and
    3. Level A or B, ensuring that at least two Faculties are represented;
  7. one Higher Degree by Research student, nominated by the Student Senate;
  8. two Heads of Schools, nominated by the Heads of School Forum, not within the same Faculty; and
  9. one member, nominated by the Presiding Officer, representing Indigenous-focused research.

(2) The members appointed by the Academic Senate, the Student Senate, the Presiding Officer, the Heads of School Forum and Research Centre Directors shall hold office for a two year term.

(3) The Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs will provide secretariat support to the Committee.

Audience and Debate

(4) Persons holding the following positions shall have the right of audience and debate at meetings:

  1. Manager, Research Policy and Coordination, Research Office;
  2. Contracts and Innovation Manager, Research Office;
  3. Presiding Officer of the Human Research Ethics Committee;
  4. Presiding Officer of the Animal Care and Ethics Committee; and
  5. A nominee of Avondale College of Higher Education (in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between Charles Sturt University and Avondale College of Higher Education).
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Section 2 - Meetings

(5) The Research Committee shall conduct four ordinary meetings each year.

(6) Members of the Research Committee who have a personal interest in a research matter being considered by the Committee shall declare that interest in accordance with the provisions of the conflict of interest clauses of the University's Code of Conduct for Staff.

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Section 3 - Terms of Reference

(7) The Research Committee shall be the principal advisory committee of the Academic Senate in relation to the University's strategic direction, management, performance and profile in research and research training. The role of the Research Committee is to:

  1. provide strategic advice to enhance the University's research profile and capability;
  2. provide leadership, and promote a culture of research within the University community;
  3. facilitate communication within the University on research planning and raise the profile of research and innovation within the University; and
  4. provide advice on research training matters.

(8) The Research Committee shall recommend to Academic Senate for approval:

  1. all relevant University research-related policies;
  2. all research higher degrees , including modifications or reviews of those degrees; and
  3. all matters of policy and regulation pertaining to research professional doctorate and higher degree research programs and candidature (including admission, enrolment, credit and graduation).

(9) The Research Committee shall recommend to the Academic Senate for noting:

  1. candidates to whom research professional doctorates and higher degrees by research be awarded;
  2. research plans and performance management; and
  3. an annual report on the research performance of the University.
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Section 4 - Other Matters

(10) Each Associate Dean, Research, shall be responsible for advising the Research Committee, on behalf of the Faculty, on matters relating to research and research training. In order to provide such advice, some Faculties may choose to establish internal advisory mechanisms to the Associate Dean, Research and Sub Dean (Graduate Studies).

(11) The Research Committee may, subject to the approval of the Academic Senate, delegate some of its accountabilities to sub-committees. The Research Committee may establish working parties to advise it on particular matters without the need to obtain the approval of the Academic Senate.

(12) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry) shall have authority to determine, following consultation with the Faculties, matters affecting the candidature of higher degree research and research professional doctorate students. This shall include: applications for admission, scholarships, leave of absence and extension of candidature; the appointment of supervisors and examiners; and action following the receipt of examiners' reports including recommendations to the University Council that an award be conferred.