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Web Strategy Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment and Purpose

(1) The Web Strategy Committee was established by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) in accordance with Delegations and Authorisation Policy, Schedule 1, GOV14.

(2) The Web Strategy Committee has oversight for the strategic online operations of Charles Sturt University (the University) and is responsible for ensuring the web landscape adheres to the Web Strategy and aligns with the University Strategy.

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Section 2 - Composition

(3) The regular members of the Web Strategy Committee shall be:

  1. Chief Financial Officer, who is the Chair;
  2. Senior Manager Web Strategy;
  3. one representative of the Executive Deans nominated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  4. Executive Director, Division of Information Technology;
  5. Executive Director, Division of Marketing and Communication;
  6. Dean of Students, Office for Students;
  7. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching); and
  8. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Office of Indigenous Affairs.

(4) A regular member may appoint another person to attend a meeting or meetings on their behalf. A person so appointed will be deemed to be a regular member of the Committee for the specified time of the meeting and may vote as a regular member.

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Section 3 - Conduct of Meetings

(5) Meetings will occur six times a year, or as required, by video conference.

(6) Lifecycle Management will include an annual review of the Web Strategy Committee engagement by way of an annual report to Chief Financial Officer which includes details about strategic web projects, aggregation of requests (and non-approved requests) and an indication of how the Web Strategy contributed to the University's strategic objectives.

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Section 4 - Terms of Reference

(7) The Web Strategy Committee has responsibility to provide governance for the following;

  1. creation and endorsement of a Web Strategy for the University;
  2. endorsement and communication of strategic priorities, guidelines, policies and timelines related to the Web Strategy;
  3. consideration of resource requests from the Senior Manager, Web Strategy, for the maintenance, review and development of the University's web environment in line with the strategic priorities set by the Web Strategy and the University Strategy;
  4. compliance requirements relevant to the University web environment; and
  5. effective management of the University web environment, including proposed web projects and web enhancements through the Initiatives and Strategy Implementation Plan, to ensure that its use for academic, administrative and marketing purposes is maximised and reflects the strategic direction of the Web Strategy.