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Academic Senate - Faculty Courses Committees - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) Membership of the Faculty Courses Committees shall be:

  1. Associate Dean, Academic of the Faculty (Presiding Officer);
  2. Sub Dean Learning and Teaching;
  3. Head of Schools of the Faculty; and 
  4. one member of academic staff to be nominated by each School Board of the Faculty. The appointed member shall have the right to nominate an alternate if they are unavoidably prevented from attending a meeting of the Faculty Courses Committees. 

(2) Persons holding the following positions shall have Right of Audience and Debate at Faculty Courses Committees meetings:

  1. an alternate academic staff member from each School Board of the Faculty;
  2. Course Directors;
  3. Manager Course Administration Team;
  4. Manager Subject Administration Team;
  5. Faculty Administration Manager;
  6. Faculty Executive Officer;
  7. one person from a different Faculty, to be appointed by the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Committee; and
  8. Staff from the Division of Student Learning involved in Smart Learning course approvals, as nominated by the Director, Smart Learning.

(3) The Secretary to the Committee shall be the Governance Officer, Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.

Variation to Membership

Faculty of Arts and Education

(4) The membership of the Faculty of Arts and Education Faculty Courses Committees has been varied to include:

  1. Dean of Students or nominee; and
  2. Director of the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation.
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Section 2 - Terms of Reference

(5) The Faculty Courses Committees shall exercise such authorities with respect to all courses except Master Research Programs and Research Doctoral Programs as required by the Academic Senate, to:

  1. approve or otherwise proposals for new or revised courses, specialisations, majors and minors (and the subjects that comprise them) for addition in appropriate cases to the University Register of Awards and Courses. This includes courses and subjects developed in the Smart Learning process;
  2. ensure that documentation for new or revised courses, specialisations, majors and minors (and the subjects that comprise them) include all certifications or attestations required to demonstrate conformity with Academic Senate and Faculty policies and procedures designed to ensure the quality of such courses, specialisations, majors and minors including their relevance to the professions and industries they serve;
  3. ensure that details of courses and subjects approved in documentation before it are consistent with the official, advertised content of these courses and subjects published in the University Handbooks, CASIMS and other official publications and systems;
  4. provide advice to members of the Faculty on course planning matters; and
  5. provide advice to staff of the University involved in the administration of courses approved by the Faculty, including clarification where required of approved course documentation.