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Academic Senate - Faculty Boards - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership


(1) The membership of a Faculty Board shall be:

  1. Ex-officio members:
    1. Executive Dean of the Faculty (Presiding Officer);
    2. Deputy Dean of the Faculty (who will Chair the meetings in the absence of the Executive Dean);
    3. Associate Deans of the Faculty;
    4. Head of Schools of the Faculty;
    5. Heads of Centres of the Faculty;
    6. Sub-Deans of the Faculty; and
    7. three academic staff members of the Faculty who are the elected Faculty members on the Academic Senate (refer to clause 21b of the Governance (Academic Senate) Rule 2006 No.6).
  2. Nominated members:
    1. up to three members of the Faculty nominated by the Executive Dean of the Faculty;
    2. two students enrolled in courses offered by the Faculty and nominated by the Student Senate with one of the students being enrolled in a postgraduate course;
    3. one representative of the Office for Students nominated by the Dean of Students; and
    4. one nominee (who is an academic staff member of the School of Indigenous Australian Studies) of the Head, School of Indigenous Australian Studies. Note: this category of membership applies to all Faculty Boards except the Faculty of Arts and Education Faculty Board.
  3. Elected members:
    1. a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) Professors (Level E);
    2. one academic staff member of each School of the Faculty (but not the Centres of the Faculty) elected by the academic staff of the School.
  4. Audience and Debate:
    1. members of the Professoriate (Level D and Level E) of the Faculty;
    2. Faculty Executive Officer;
    3. Faculty Administration Manager; and
    4. Presiding Officer, Academic Senate.

(2) Specific membership details for each Faculty Board can be obtained from the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs.

Term of Office and Quorum

(3) The term of appointment for members of the Faculty Boards and their sub-committees shall be two years. The rules for conduct of meetings will be as detailed in the Boards and Committees Policy - Conduct of Meetings of Academic Committees.

(4) A quorum for Faculty Board is twelve members of the Board.

Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer

(5) The Executive Dean shall be the Presiding Officer of the Faculty Board.

(6) The Deputy Dean shall be the Deputy Presiding Officer and chair any meeting of the Faculty Board (or portion thereof) from which the Presiding Officer is absent.


(7) The Secretary to each Faculty Board shall be appointed by the Academic Secretary.

Elected Members

Insufficient Nominations Received During an Election

(8) If at the close of nominations for candidates in an election to the Faculty Board no eligible nominations are received, or the number of eligible nominations is less than the number of available positions, then the Presiding Officer may recommend to the Faculty Board the name(s) of eligible candidates to be appointed to the position(s).

(9) A person so appointed shall hold office with the same rights and authorities and for the same term of office as if they had been elected to the position.

Casual Vacancy

(10) Should an elected member vacate their position on Faculty Board before the expiration of their term of office, the vacancy will be deemed to be a casual vacancy and the position will be filled in accordance with the procedures listed below:

  1. the Secretary will ascertain whether, at the time that the retiring member was elected, there were more than the required number of candidates to fill the number of available positions. If there were then the last candidate eliminated from the ballot before the available positions were filled may be appointed to the vacancy, provided that:
    1. he/she is still eligible to hold the position on the Faculty Board; and
    2. he/she indicates that they are willing to accept the office;
  2. if an appointment cannot be made in accordance with clause 10a, then the Faculty Board may appoint the alternate member (refer to clauses 12) to the vacancy; and
  3. if an appointment cannot be made in accordance with clause 10a and b , then the Presiding Officer may recommend to the Faculty Board the name of an eligible candidate to be appointed to the vacancy.

(11) A person appointed to a casual vacancy on the Faculty Board shall hold office with the same rights and authorities and for the balance of the term of the elected member whom they replace.

Alternate Members

(12) Each School of the Faculty will be allowed one alternative member who may attend meetings with the right of audience and debate if the elected School member is unable to attend.

Faculty Units

(13) Currently, there are no Faculty Units.

Variation to Membership

Faculty of Arts and Education

(14) The membership of the Faculty of Arts and Education Faculty Board has been varied to include:

  1. All Adjunct Professors and Adjunct Associate Professors from the School of Theology as members of the Board; and
  2. Director, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation.

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences

(15) The membership of the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Faculty Board has been varied to include:

  1. All Adjunct Professors and Adjunct Associate Professors from the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies as members of the Board.
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Section 2 - Meetings

(16) Each Faculty Board shall conduct four ordinary meetings each year.

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Section 3 - Terms of Reference

(17) Subject to the Act, the By-law, the Rules or Resolutions of the University Council, and to the Resolutions of the Academic Senate, the Faculty Board shall:

  1. exercise such authorities as required by the Academic Senate to ensure the high quality of teaching and learning and research within the University;
  2. be the principal academic body of the Faculty;
  3. advise the Academic Senate on all matters relating to teaching, scholarship and research delegated to the Faculty by the University Council, the Vice-Chancellor, or the Academic Senate;
  4. advise the Academic Senate on the teaching and research profiles of the University within the Faculty;
  5. consider and report on all matters referred to it by the Academic Senate or the Vice-Chancellor;
  6. determine the requirements particular to the Faculty which will provide eligibility for entry to specific courses and where necessary, to admit students;
  7. determine the requirements particular to the Faculty for admission to courses with credit;
  8. establish and specify the membership and terms of reference of such committees as it deems necessary to assist in the furthering of the delegated responsibilities;
  9. receive minutes and reports from its several sub-committees;
  10. approve the conditions for any fellowship, scholarship or prize within the Faculty;
  11. submit recommendations to the Academic Senate or to the Vice-Chancellor on any matter affecting teaching, scholarship and research;
  12. exercise its authority in academic matters as prescribed in the academic policies; and
  13. submit a report of its proceedings to the Academic Senate. Effective from the December 1996 meeting of Senate, the minutes of Faculty Boards are to be submitted to Senate via publication on the World Wide Web.