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Academic Senate - Higher Degree by Research Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Membership

(1) The membership of the Higher Degree Research Committee shall be:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) or nominee - Presiding Officer
  2. Presiding Officer, Academic Senate or nominee;
  3. One member of the Research Office and
  4. One Sub-Dean or Associate Dean - Graduate Studies from each Faculty.
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Section 2 - Terms of Reference

(2) Subject to the Act , the By-Law and resolutions of Academic Senate, the Higher Degree Research Committee shall:

  1. oversee matters pertaining to research higher degree programs, including
    1. to review and approve applications for candidature;
    2. to approve matters relating to the progress and supervision of candidates;
    3. to approve variations to conditions of candidature;
    4. to appoint examiners; and
    5. to recommend to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) the award of degrees;
  2. establish standing committees and working groups as may be required for the conduct of the Committee's business;
  3. monitor the administration of research higher degree programs at the Faculty level in order to maintain appropriate commonality of procedures and standards;
  4. provide advice and recommendations to the Faculties, the Research Committee and Academic Senate in relation to the administration of higher degrees by research;
  5. address any matters concerning higher degrees by research which are referred to it by the Research Committee, Academic Senate or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement)
  6. review admissions, progress and completions detail and provide annual summary reports to the Research Committee
  7. monitor and provide annual summary reports to the Research Committee on scholarship applications and awards, research training scheme allocations and other matters of financial support relating to higher degree by research candidatures.
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Section 3 - Conduct of Business

(3) Meetings shall be conducted a minimum of four times per year, with the frequency and timing to align with supporting the business of the Research Committee.

(4) Minutes of the Higher Degree Research Committee meetings will be submitted to the agenda of the next Research Committee meeting.