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Brand Governance Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Establishment

(1) The Brand Governance Committee was established in 2011 by the Vice-Chancellor to ensure compliance with the University's Brand Governance Policy and related procedures and guidelines.

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Section 2 - Composition

(2) The regular members of the Brand Governance Committee shall be the:

  1. University Secretary(who is chair);
  2. Executive Director, Facilities Management;
  3. Executive Director, Marketing ;
  4. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching);
  5. Director, Government and Community Relations; and
  6. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) or nominee.

(3) A regular member may appoint another person to attend a meeting or meetings on their behalf, or to act on their behalf for a specified timeframe. A person so appointed will be deemed to be a regular member of the Committee for the specified time and may vote as a regular member.

(4) The Vice-Chancellor is an ex officio member of the Committee and will chair any meeting at which he or she is present.

(5) The following positions have a right of audience and debate:

  1. Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communication; and
  2. Nominated member of the Web Office.

(6) The University Secretary, will appoint an officer of the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs to be Secretary to the Committee.

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Section 3 - Quorums and Meetings

(7) A quorum shall be three regular members.

(8) The Brand Governance Committee will have three regular meetings each year on dates to be agreed by the Committee. The Secretary will convene a special meeting if this is agreed by all the regular members. Members of the University community may submit items for consideration at any time during the year.

(9) Where approvals are required between meetings of the Brand Governance Committee, at least three of the regular members may approve matters via email in writing. An email received by the Secretary from all regular members (or their nominees) indicating consent to a resolution is a resolution of the Committee.

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Section 4 - Functions

(10) The Brand Governance Committee has and may exercise the following functions for and on behalf of Charles Sturt University (the University):

  1. ensure alignment of the brand with the University's strategic direction and values;
  2. recommend changes to the University Brand to the Vice-Chancellor for approval by the University Council;
  3. approve the procedures and guidelines for the use and protection of the University's brand, name and reputation;
  4. approve the Brand Guidelines that sets out how the brand is to be applied in communications and promotions including advertising, marketing, public relations, signage, websites and electronic media, uniforms, merchandise and other communication mediums;
  5. oversee how the brand is communicated through key messages for speeches, submissions, reports, opinion pieces, media communications, naming protocols, websites and other forms of communication;
  6. approve advertising and promotional campaigns;
  7. take action to rectify breaches of Policy or address disputes; and
  8. such other approvals delegated to the Committee under the Brand Governance Policy.