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Gifts Guidelines - Receipt by Staff

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

November 2021 – This document is rescinded and its provisions are now addressed in the Conflict of Interest Procedure.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) From time to time employees of Charles Sturt University (the University), in pursuit of their normal duties, may receive gifts. This document sets out guidelines for dealing with such gifts and is designed to protect the interests of the University and the individual. In particular, these Guidelines provide an element of protection for the individual from accusations of bribery and/or corruption. Gifts made to the University are not covered by these Guidelines.


(2) These Guidelines apply to all University employees who receive a gift in the course of their official duties while travelling overseas, from overseas visitors to Australia, and from Australian sources.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(3) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy

(4) Refer to the Code of Conduct for Staff .

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Section 4 - Procedures

(5) Nil.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

Part A - Value of a Gift

(6) The Council may from time to time determine a value below which gifts are not required to be declared. Where the Council does not set a lower limiting value, all gifts with a value in excess of $100 must be declared.

(7) Where a gift exceeds or is expected to exceed a value of $500 when there is doubt on its value, a valuation certificate should be sought by the University at the time that the gift is declared to the University Secretary. Valuation certificates are to be obtained from a valuer competent to value in the field, or selected from a list of accredited valuers issued by the Committee for Taxation Incentives for the Arts.

(8) For the purpose of these guidelines, the value of a gift is to be assessed on the wholesale value in the country of origin for gifts received overseas and the Australian wholesale price for gifts received in Australia.

(9) Where the value of the gift exceeds the lower limiting value set out in clause 6 above, the gift must be declared to the University Secretary no later than 30 days after the employee's return to Australia for gifts received overseas or within 30 days of receipt for gifts received in Australia.

Part B - Retention of a Gift

(10) Gifts with a value in excess of the lower limiting value set out in clause 6 above may be retained by the recipient if he/she elects to pay to the University the difference between the limiting value and the value of the gift.

(11) Where the recipient of a gift elects to retain it and pay the difference as set out in clause 6 above, the details of the gift, evidence of its value and a receipt from the Division of Financial Services are to be sent to the University Secretary within the prescribed period for notification of gifts.

(12) Monies received by the University from recipients of gifts who elect to retain them shall be paid to the Division of Finance for consolidation with other general University income.

Part C - Relinquishment of a Gift

(13) Where the value of a gift exceeds the lower limiting value set out in clause 6 above and the recipient does not elect to retain it, the gift is to be surrendered by the recipient to the University Secretary. Any recommendation for the future use of a surrendered official gift (which recipients are encouraged to provide) should be accompanied by a formal acknowledgment relinquishing the recipient's claim to ownership to allow appropriate disposal action to be taken.

(14) Gifts surrendered to the University may be:

  1. placed on the register of the University's assets; and
    1. kept in an appropriate place within the University; or
    2. transferred on loan for a fixed period of time to a Faculty, School or Division of the University;
  2. placed on the assets register of a Faculty, School or Division of the University;
  3. donated to a nominated non-profit organisation or charity at the discretion of the recipient and the University Secretary; or
  4. disposed of in an appropriate manner by the University Secretary.