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Heads of Campus Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Membership

(1) The Heads of Campus Committee (HOCC) is comprised of:

  1. University Secretary (Chair);
  2. Heads of Campus appointed by the Vice-Chancellor;
  3. Director, Division of Marketing and Communication or nominee.

(2) The Vice-Chancellor is an ex officio member of the Committee and has the right to assume the chair of the meeting when he or she is in attendance.

(3) The Chair may approve the attendance and participation of other persons at meetings of the Committee.

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Section 2 - Terms of Reference

(4) The Heads of Campus Committee is responsible for oversighting campus culture and coordinating the University's regional engagement activities consistent with the One University principle.

(5) The Committee has the following functions:

  1. discuss and identify regional priorities and issues across our regions, and provide input into the strategic planning processes of the University and Budget Centres;
  2. discuss campus development, culture and discipline and provide input into strategic planning processes of the University and Budget Centres;
  3. review proposals for membership of Regional Consultative Committees and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor;
  4. review proposals for collaborations, partnerships or other forms of engagement that fall within the with community based organisations to ensure consistent levels of engagement across each region and that proposals are aligned to University Strategy, and can be appropriately resourced in the long term;
  5. receive reports of Regional Consultative Committees and consider feedback regarding opportunities and risks and make appropriate recommendations;
  6. monitor major sponsorship and grants to community organisations and activities;
  7. promote and coordinate regional engagement within the University including the development of plans, policies, procedures, guidelines and structures to enhance the mutual benefits achieved through engagement; and
  8. other functions as directed that are consistent with the above.
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Section 3 - Operating Principles for the Committee

(6) Within the model of "One University" the Committee is committed to:

  1. consultation;
  2. collaboration within the Committee;
  3. communication across the University;
  4. representation of all regions and campuses; and
  5. recognition of Conflict of Interest - members of the Committee shall notify other members of any "personal interest" in a matter that relates to the affairs of the Committee.
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Section 4 - Meeting Schedules

(7) The Committee will meet at least four times each year.

(8) The Chair may convene a meeting of the Committee at other times to consider urgent matters or as required by the business of the Committee.