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Research Planning Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The Research Planning Committee (RPC) is a committee of the Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for developing and monitoring Charles Sturt University's Research Plan and for providing advice regarding enhancing the University's research performance to meet the targets described in the Plan. The RPC is the strategic planning committee for research within Charles Sturt University (the University) and provides a forum for an integrated approach to research planning and development. The Research Planning Committee will meet three times per year in March, July and November and at other times as needed. The RPC will be serviced by the Academic Secretariat.

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Section 2 - Membership

(2) The Research Planning Committee (RPC) shall comprise:

  1. Vice-Chancellor - Presiding Officer;
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration);
  4. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Graduate Training);
  5. Deans of the Faculties;
  6. Presiding Officer, Academic Senate;
  7. Executive Director, Human Resources;
  8. Executive Director, Division of Facilities Management;
  9. Executive Director, Division of Library Services;
  10. Executive Director, Division of Information Technology; and
  11. Two members of the Professoriate nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
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Section 3 - Terms of Reference

(3) The Research Planning Committee shall:

  1. develop the University's Research Plan for approval by Academic Senate;
  2. annually monitor the University's research performance against the Key Performance outcomes described in the 5 year plan;
  3. consult with the Research Management Committee regarding the development of policies and procedures for approval by the Academic Senate; and
  4. discuss issues related to the development of research within the University.