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Vice-Chancellor's Award Guidelines - Research Excellence

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The University has established Awards for Research Excellence to acknowledge outstanding contributions to research by individuals and teams. Academic staff who believe their recent research has advanced knowledge in a significant and sustained way are invited to apply. Research teams, which may involve staff from more than one Faculty, who believe the group has made a significant research discovery, or has advanced research in their field in a significant and sustained way, are invited to apply for a Vice-Chancellor's Award.

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Section 2 - Glossary

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Section 3 - Policy

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Section 4 - Procedures

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Section 5 - Guidelines

Part A - Objectives

(5) Encourage staff of Charles Sturt University (the University) to improve and enhance their own performance and the capability of others to develop to their full potential.

(6) Individual Award: To recognise and encourage staff who have made a sustained contribution in advancing the research culture of the University by either: maintaining an exceptional record of sustained research activity during their employment with the University, especially within the last three years or a major research breakthrough.

(7) Team Award: To recognise a research team or group, which may be multi-disciplinary and/or cross School or Faculty, that has contributed to the research culture of the University by: together maintaining a research program of sustained excellence, which has contributed to the significant creation of new knowledge in the field or a major research breakthrough.

(8) Support ongoing professional and career development of University staff.

Part B - Number of Awards

(9) There is one Vice-Chancellor's award allocated in recognition of Research Excellence for either an individual or a team.

Part C - Staff Eligibility Criteria

(10) The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence is open to staff who meet the following eligibility criteria for an individual or team nomination:

  1. Individual award nominations:
    1. All academic staff members who currently hold a continuing or fixed-term appointment at Charles Sturt University, have completed a minimum of two years' service at the University, and have successfully completed probation are eligible to apply. No researcher is entitled to receive more than one Vice-Chancellor's Award in any three year period.
  2. Team award nominations:
    1. All staff members and members of the research team, including technical staff and research assistants and other significant contributors who are not members of staff of the University, should be included in the team nomination.

Part D - Nominations

(11) Any Charles Sturt University staff member, student, member of the University community or an external professional partner of the University may nominate a staff member or team that he/she considers to be deserving of a Vice-Chancellor's Award.

(12) Staff may not be nominated or receive an Individual Award and a Team Award for the same achievement in any year.

(13) Staff are not eligible to receive or to be nominated for an Individual Award if they have been a recipient of an individual award in this category within the past three years.

(14) Each nomination must meet all relevant eligibility criteria for either an individual or team nomination to be considered for an award.

(15) Self-nominations are not accepted for this award category.

(16) Original plus five copies of the nominations for awards are welcomed from all levels of academic staff, that is, from Associate Lecturers through to Professors.

(17) Copies of nominations for Individual Awards are to be lodged with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry) during the nomination period.

(18) Nominations from teams should cite all members of the team who have made major contributions to the research program of sustained excellence or the research discovery, including those who may have left the University, and technical staff and research assistants, etc.

(19) Team nominations which cross School or Centre boundaries should be lodged with the unit to which the majority of the team are attached. The Executive Deans, Head of School or Director of the Research Centre should attest to the quality of this supporting material in his/her letter of support.

(20) Nominations should not exceed five A4 pages in at least 11 point font. Material presented in excess of five pages will be removed.

(21) Copies of publications, reports and other materials should not accompany the application form. Such materials are to be made available on request.

(22) Nominations for Individual Awards should make plain the contribution of the nominee and others to any collaborative work.

(23) Nominations for the Team Award should make clear the particular contribution of each member of the team.

Part E - Selection Process and Criteria

(24) All nominations must be based on excellence in research, which demonstrates clear alignment with the University's Strategy, culture and values.

(25) The selection committee meets to evaluate the nominations for the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Research Excellence. In presenting evidence, nominees are advised to prepare and submit a research portfolio for the past three or more years under the following headings:

  1. a summary of the key research achievements;
  2. provide evidence of the significance of the contribution to new knowledge, noting the national or international distinction of the contribution;
  3. details of recognition given to the quality of the individual's or team's achievements (e.g. attracting funds or invitations at international, national or regional level); and
  4. details of the individual's or team's publications by the HERDC categories or Creative Works Categories. Include the full reference details of up to 10 key outputs and an explanation of their importance in a sentence or two for each. Citation statistics and Journal Impact Factors should be presented where appropriate for these outputs.

Part F - Selection Committee

(26) The selection panel will be chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry), or nominee, and comprised of three members of the Board of Graduate Studies, and one of the previous year's recipients. The Committee must be comprised of at least two females.

(27) Depending upon the quality of the nominations received, the selection committee will normally recommend one individual or team for an award to the Vice-Chancellor.

(28) The selection committee's recommendation and the Vice-Chancellor determination of an award are not subject to internal appeal or review.

Part G - Expectations of Award Recipients

(29) The recipients of Individual Awards will be expected to make their research philosophies and/or practices more widely known throughout the University. For example, they may be invited to participate in seminars or presentations, write a paper, act as a resource person or act as a mentor to their colleagues.