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Coursework Masters Support Scheme Policy - Academic Staff

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

February 2022 – This document has been rescinded. It is replaced by the Professional Development Procedure - Academic Employee Schemes

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Coursework Masters Support Scheme for Academic Staff is to assist academic staff to obtain a Masters degree and to build the workforce profile at Charles Sturt University (the University). The Scheme is designed to support the continual professional development of academic staff in order to assist the University to attain its goals.


(2) This Policy is based on principles of:

  1. recruitment, retention and development of high performing academic staff who contribute to the University's mission;
  2. fairness and flexibility in workplace arrangements;
  3. organisational productivity and performance;
  4. commitment to transparency of process, based on merit and equal opportunity for all academic staff; and
  5. recognition of diversity in the ways in which academic staff contribute to the University's mission and the wide variety of academic work appropriate to that mission.


(3) This Policy applies to academic staff (levels A and B) of Charles Sturt University, who hold a continuing or fixed term appointment.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(4) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy

Part A - Eligibility

(5) Academic staff on Levels A and B (including those on probation), who hold a continuing full-time or part-time appointment or have a fixed-term contract of more than two years; may apply for assistance under this Scheme.

(6) Eligibility is subject to "meeting performance requirements", as determined through the Performance Management Scheme .

(7) Study is to be undertaken at Charles Sturt University, and the staff member must meet all the normal entry requirements of the University for admission to the higher degree program.

(8) The enrolment of the academic staff member is subject to the Admissions Procedure.

(9) Support in the form of zero fees is available for a maximum of four part-time sessions for a full fee-paying, coursework Masters course. After this period, staff members will be responsible for fees and costs.

(10) Eligibility to participate in the scheme is subject to endorsement by the Head of School that:

  1. it is in the interest of the University's academic program that the academic staff member obtains a higher degree; and
  2. the need for professional development of the individual has been identified in the conditions of employment, probation review or performance review.

(11) An academic staff member who meets the criteria and already holds a postgraduate qualification is also eligible to apply for financial support through the Coursework Masters Support Scheme for Academic Staff for the purpose of undertaking further postgraduate study in a field that relates directly to their current position.

Part B - Responsibilities

(12) The Executive Director, People and Culture is responsible for developing, reviewing and overseeing the policy, procedure, and forms for the Coursework Masters Support Scheme for Academic Staff.

(13) The Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) is responsible for approving the policy, procedure, and forms for the Coursework Masters Support Scheme for Academic Staff.

(14) The Executive Dean of the Faculty is responsible for approving the applications for the Coursework Masters Support Scheme for Academic Staff and for approving the Faculty budget to pay the full cost of the coursework fees. Approvals shall be final and not subject to internal appeal or review.

Part C - Exclusions

(15) The following instances are not covered within the terms of this scheme:

  1. Research higher degrees- Academic staff undertaking a research higher degree qualification from Charles Sturt University are supported through the provisions of the University Academic Staff Higher Degree Training Scheme.
  2. Non-Charles Sturt University's courses - study at another university is not covered by this scheme but academic staff may be entitled to claim work related self-education expenses through the taxation system, or for reimbursement of expenses through the University Salary Packaging Scheme. Salary packaging for non-Charles Sturt University courses will be by reimbursement. When an item is salary packaged, it cannot be claimed as a tax deduction in a tax return. Details about self-education expenses that can be claimed as tax deductions are available from the Australian Taxation Office's website.
  3. Study time - no member of the academic staff will be eligible for specific study time under the provisions of this scheme. Staff may negotiate time release through Executive Deans/Head of School as part of their workload or as part of the Special Studies Program.
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Section 4 - Procedures

(16) Refer to the Coursework Masters Support Scheme Procedures - Academic Staff .

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(17) Nil.