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'CSU/WSU Joint Program in Medicine Steering Committee' - Membership and Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment

(1) The Charles Sturt University (CSU)/ Western Sydney University (WSU) Joint Program in Medicine Steering Committee is established by the partner universities as a management and leadership body to ensure the effective development and implementation of the CSU/WSU Joint Program in Medicine. 

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Section 2 - Glossary

(2) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Steering committee – means CSU/WSU Joint Program in Medicine Steering Committee. 
  2. Program/JPM – means the Joint Program in Medicine (JPM) established by Charles Sturt University and WSU.
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Section 3 - Membership

(3) Membership of the Steering Committee is comprised of:

  1. Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Charles Sturt University as co-chair
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Western Sydney University as co-chair
  3. Executive Dean, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University
  4. Senior Medical Educator, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University
  5. Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Health, Charles Sturt University
  6. Dean of Rural Medicine, Charles Sturt University
  7. Academic Director, Regional Health Research Institute
  8. Executive Director, Regional Health Research Institute

(4) The Steering Committee may invite non-members to attend meetings to inform the agenda and consult with others to seek any information it considers necessary to fulfil its functions and responsibilities.

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Section 4 - Functions and responsibilities

(5) The steering committee is responsible for the management of the relationship, academic provision and student experience, and includes:

  1. Quality management of the program – quality assurance and quality improvement.
  2. Oversight of agreements and licenses between Charles Sturt University and WSU.
  3. Oversight of the program including monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Entry criteria and admissions strategy for students.
  5. Medical research strategy linked to the Joint Program in Medicine, especially the establishment of the Institute for Regional, Rural and Remote Health and Medical Research.
  6. Student progression and attainment.
  7. Establishment and oversight of specific purpose working parties as required from time to time.
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Section 5 - Meetings


(6) For the purpose of decision-making, a quorum shall be a majority of the membership.

(7) There must be a minimum of one member from Charles Sturt University and one member from WSU for a quorum to be achieved, in addition to the chair.


(8) Meetings shall normally be held as required. Additional meetings may be scheduled by the chair on an as-need basis.

(9) Meetings may be held at a Charles Sturt University or WSU campus location or via teleconference or videoconference, as agreed by the Steering Committee.

Agendas and minutes

(10) Agendas and minutes shall be prepared by a staff member nominated by the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Charles Sturt University).

(11) Agendas will be distributed at least five business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

(12) Minutes will be distributed to the Steering Committee no later than 10 business days following a meeting.

Related expenses

(13) All reasonable efforts will be made to minimise expenses relating to holding or attending meetings, and such expenses shall be met by the university that incurs the expense.


(14) Steering Committee outcomes and decisions are to be reported to each university's governance body through the respective deputy vice-chancellors:

  1. Charles Sturt University – Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team.
  2. Western Sydney University – University Executive.


(15) The Steering Committee will review its terms of reference at such times as deemed necessary by the two partner universities.