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CSU Global Overseas Program Cancellation and Refund Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Policy details Charles Sturt University's implementation and administration of student withdrawals and refunds in association with CSU Global programs.

(2) Through its CSU Global program, Charles Sturt University (the University) provides a range of options for students to undertake periods of study overseas, as part of their degree.

(3) CSU Global receives payments from students in association with their participation in the University's facilitated overseas programs. These payments are to cover the costs of administering and participating in such programs and may include such factors as the provision of travel arrangements, in country fees, and accompanying staff participation.

(4) The programs are designed to be not for profit however CSU Global program budgets include a contingency margin (10 percent) to protect against unexpected costs and exchange rate fluctuations.

(5) The purpose of this Policy is to:

  1. establish the guidelines for student cancellation of their participation in a program and associated refunds; and
  2. establish the guidelines for the dispersal of any surplus funds at the conclusion of program budget reconciliation.
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Section 2 - Glossary

(6) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy


(7) The Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships is responsible for the management of CSU Global programs, including preparation of budgets and the setting of Student program costs. This is undertaken in consultation with the School leading the program.

(8) Student program payments are facilitated through the Division of Finance with all payments received from students held in University administered accounts.

Student Withdrawal and Refunds

(9) Students are to be advised in writing of the terms and conditions of CSU Global programs, including the refund policy and conditions of participation in their application form and acceptance email.

(10) Students are considered to be confirmed participants of a program at the point of deposit. The deposit is typically $1000 and is payable within two weeks of acceptance into a program.

(11) Program participants are to inform CSU Global in writing of their intent to withdraw. The date of receipt of such information will be considered the date of withdrawal.

(12) The deposit payment is non refundable.

(13) Withdrawal from a program up until 90 days prior to departure will result in total loss of deposit and 50 percent of any subsequent payments that have been made or are due to be made according to the notified payment schedule.

(14) Withdrawal from a program between 90 days and 21 days (inclusive of those days) prior to departure will result in total loss of deposit and 75 percent of any subsequent payments made or are due to be made according to the notified payment schedule.

(15) Withdrawal from a program less than 21 days prior to departure and after commencement of travel will result in total loss of all payments including deposit.

(16) Where CSU Global is provided with information that documents extenuating circumstances associated with a program withdrawal the University reserves the right to apply an alternative refund schedule.

Surplus Funds Refunds

(17) At the conclusion of a CSU Global program and reconciliation of all associated costs CSU Global and the hosting School will agree on a refund to students of any surplus funds to ensure the program remains not for profit.


(18) A student may appeal the refund decision on procedural grounds (that is, where there has been an error in the consideration process of the withdrawal of position).

(19) Where a student is covered by the University's Travel Insurance they may appeal the refund under the condition they are able to provide the supporting documentation for a successful insurance claim.

(20) It is the student's responsibility to provide all relevant information, including supporting documentation, within 10 working days of notification of CSU Global decision on a refund. Failure to do so will not constitute grounds for an appeal.

(21) All appeals need to be lodged with the Manager, CSU Global.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(22) Nil.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(23) Nil.