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Web Reference Group - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Establishment and Purpose

(1) The Web Reference Group was established by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) in accordance with the Delegations and Authorisation Policy, Schedule 1, GOV14.

(2) The Web Reference Group sits outside any formal responsibilities and requirements in the governance structure however plays a key role as a conduit for communication and is required to meet in regards to disseminating information upstream to the Senior Manager Web Strategy and downstream to web practitioners across Charles Sturt University (the University).

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Section 2 - Membership

(3) The regular members of the Web Reference Group shall be:

  1. Web Analytics and Reporting Lead, Web Office, who is Chair;
  2. Web Accessibility Coordinator, Web Office;
  3. CMS Production, Training and Support Lead , Web Office;
  4. Content Manager, Marketing and Communication, Division of Marketing and Communication;
  5. Communications and Engagement Team Leader, Office for Students;
  6. Creative Web Developer Lead, Web Office;
  7. Manager, Financial Systems, Division of Finance;
  8. Lead Analyst Programmer, Division of Information Technology;
  9. Representative, Division of Facilities Management, nominated by the Executive Director, Division of Facilities Management;
  10. Representative, Division of Human Resources; nominated by the Executive Director, Human Resources;
  11. Representative, Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships, nominated by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, (International Education and Partnerships);
  12. Representative, Division of Library Services; nominated by the Executive Director, Division of Library Services;
  13. Representative, Division of Student Administration, nominated by the Executive Director, Division of Student Administration;
  14. Representatives (x2), Division of Learning and Teaching; nominated by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching);
  15. Representative, Office of Strategic Planning and Information; nominated by the Director, Strategic Planning and Information;
  16. Representative Research Office, nominated by Director, Research;
  17. Senior Faculty Operations Officer (x3), Faculty of Arts and Education, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, and Faculty of Science;
  18. Technical Web Developer Lead, Web Office;
  19. User Experience and Design Lead, Web Office; and
  20. Web Content Lead, Web Office.
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Section 3 - Reporting and Meetings

(4) A formal feedback loop is to be established by the Chair with meetings held as deemed required.

(5) A monthly report that aggregates current issues around the online environment including stakeholder engagement will be provided to the Senior Manager, Web Strategy.

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Section 4 - Terms of Reference

(6) The Web Reference Group will gather and disseminate information and acts as a conduit for communication in regards to the following:

  1. identification of web development processes and practices that can be improved to support the Web Strategy;
  2. identification of web interfaces and web applications that can be improved to support industry best practice and improved user experiences;
  3. identification of issues or concerns around performance of existing sites including incorporating user feedback, usability and accessibility issues;
  4. provide an assessment as to the health of the online environment from a front and backend user perspective and nominate critical issues to the Senior Manager, Web Strategy for consideration; and
  5. create a community of practice that will allow for web related issues to be directed to this group and provide leadership around web best practice.