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'HINS Governance Committee' - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

OCtober 2022 – This document is expired with the disestablishment of the HINS Governance Committee. 

Section 1 - Establishment


(1) The HINS Governance Committee was established by the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Team on 31 August 2021(VCLT 21/171) to oversight Charles Sturt University’s supplementary funding allocation for HEPPP, ISSP, NPILF and SSAF. 

(2) The committee falls within a broader governance structure that includes working groups for each of the funds.

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Section 2 - Glossary

(3) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Committee - means HINS Governance Committee
  2. Working groups (4) – means HEPPP Working Group, ISSP Working Group, NPILF Working Group, SSAF Working Group
  3. HEPPP – means Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program
  4. ISSP – means Indigenous Student Success Program
  5. NPILF – means National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund
  6. SSAF – means Student Services and Amenities Fees 
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Section 3 - Membership

(4) The members of the Committee are:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chair)
  2. Chairs of working groups (4)
    1. Executive Director, Student Success (HEPPP Working Group)
    2. Director, First Nations Student Success(ISSP Working Group)
    3. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) (NPILF Working Group)
    4. Executive Director, Students (SSAF Working Group) 
  3. A representative Executive Dean nominated by the Executive Deans 
  4. Chief Financial Officer
  5. Executive Director, Strategy, Marketing and Analysis
  6. Executive Director, Division of Information Technology
  7. Director, Planning and Analytics, Office of Planning and Analytics
  8. Pro Vice-Chancellor (First Nations Engagement)
  9. Chief Development Officer, Global

(5) The right of audience and debate shall be afforded to:

  1. Director, Business Services, Division of Finance
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Section 4 - Functions and responsibilities

Committee responsibilities

(6) The HINS Governance Committee will:

  1. set direction so there is a strategic use of funds,
  2. receive recommendations from working groups on funding allocations and approve the allocations annually,
  3. ensure compliance with government requirements associated with each fund and oversee acquittal and government reporting.

Advisory role and referral of matters

(7) The HINS Governance Committee will report to the Executive Leadership Team via the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

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Section 5 - Meetings


(8) A quorum shall be a majority, e.g. half the entire membership plus one.


(9) Meetings shall be scheduled as required and in alignment with key dates for funding oversight.

Agendas and minutes

(10) Agendas and minutes shall be prepared by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Conflicts of interest

(11) Where a member has a perceived or material conflict of interest, they must declare this to the Chair and at the Committee meeting prior to discussion to the item of business. 


(12) Variations to the terms of reference and/or membership of the Committee must be approved by the Executive Leadership Team.