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Examination Question Papers and Stationery Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Examination Papers: Content and Format

Title Sheet

(1) Each examination paper shall have a title sheet. The format of the title sheet shall be as determined by the Executive Director, Division of Student Administration. The approved format is given in the Examination - Approved Format of Title Page - Appendix 1.

Instructions to be Consistent with Examination Timetable

(2) The following details recorded on the title sheet must be identical to the details published in the examination timetable:

  1. day, date and time of examination;
  2. reading time allowed;
  3. writing time allowed;
  4. materials supplied by Charles Sturt University; and
  5. materials students are permitted to supply for themselves.

Reading and Writing Time

(3) To simplify the administration of examinations and to avoid possible errors (particularly in online learning examination centres where many different examinations may have to be conducted at the one time by a single invigilator) the following restrictions apply to the amount of reading and writing time permitted.

(4) Reading time, shall be 10 minutes (unless for professional accreditation reasons additional reading time is required. Such additional reading time must be approved by the Executive Dean).

(5) Writing time, i.e. the duration of the examination, is generally two hours (unless, for professional accreditation reasons, a longer examination has been approved by the Executive Dean (e.g. 3 hours or more)).

(6) Reading time is additional to writing time and will take place prior to the published commencing time for the examination. For example: for an examination commencing at 0930 hours the reading time commences at 0920 hours.

(7) Writing is permitted during reading time. No additional time at the end of an examination session shall be provided for completion of administrative paperwork by students.

Multi-page Papers

(8) Where appropriate, an indication that another page follows should be given at the bottom of each page of the examination paper.

Blank Pages

(9) Any blank pages in an examination question paper will have the words "This page is intended to be blank" printed on it.

Colour Coding

(10) Students will not be permitted to retain any examination paper printed on coloured paper.

(11) Examination papers printed on white paper may be retained.

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Section 2 - Examination Papers: Production

Preparation of Masters

(12) Schools are responsible for the production of a good quality master of the examination paper for each of their subjects. The Manager, Examinations Office may reject a master of inferior quality.

Use of Original Examination Papers

(13) An examination paper that is used in an official examination in a subject may not be used for a supplementary examination (SX) or additional examination (AE) in that subject except in those cases where the original examination paper was provided to all students in the subject in their subject materials.


(14) Subject Coordinators are responsible for proof-reading and correcting examination masters.

Security of Examination Material


(15) Examination masters being prepared in the Schools must be securely stored.


(16) When examination masters or preparation materials have to be circulated among teaching staff they must be circulated in a secure manner.

Printing Examination Papers

(17) The Executive Director, Division of Student Administration is responsible for the printing of examination papers; the security of printing procedures; and the quality of the printed papers.

Delivery to the Examinations Office

(18) Examination masters ready for printing should be delivered to the Examinations Office by the specified date.

Examination Paper Register

(19) The Examinations Office maintains a register of examination papers received for printing.

Two-Sided Printing

(20) For reasons of economy examination question papers will be printed using both sides of each page except when to do so would inconvenience students sitting the examination.

Checking Examination Papers

(21) A master copy of each examination question paper will be held by the Examinations Office. The copy held can be inspected upon request.

(22) The master copy of each examination paper held at the Examinations Office will be destroyed at the conclusion of the examination period.

Printing Other Assessment Material

(23) Subject Coordinators preparing examination papers and other material for student assessment during Session, are responsible for the security of such material and must advise the Printery Manager that the material is to be printed under security conditions if appropriate.

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Section 3 - Other Examination Materials

Answer Booklets

(24) The Executive Director, Division of Student Administration shall produce and supply to students sitting examinations, answer booklets in which students must record their answers to questions unless directed otherwise by the question paper. Answer booklets shall have the following characteristics:

  1. a cover sheet which records
    1. the student's name
    2. student number
    3. code and title of the subject
    4. the booklet number and the total number of booklets used (e.g. 2 of 4)
    5. date and time of the examination
    6. student's signature;
  2. different coloured cover sheets for security purposes;
  3. the pages printed on one side only so that rough work may be written on the unruled side of the page; and
  4. are 12 pages in length.