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Faculty Boards - Faculty of Science Committees - Membership and Terms of Reference

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Faculty of Science International Committee

Part A - Membership

(1) Members include:

  1. Sub-Dean International (Chair);
  2. one representative from each School of the Faculty;
  3. representative of the Office of International Relations;
  4. representative of the Division of Marketing and Communication
  5. one representative of CSU Global; and
  6. one representative of Division of Student Services (Study Skills).

Part B - Terms of Reference

(2) The Faculty of Science International Committee shall have responsibility for:

  1. dissemination of information relating to international programs and partnerships offered by the Faculty of Science;
  2. preparation of guides and protocol documentation to allow consistent development of high quality, viable international offerings and interactions with off-shore partners;
  3. providing assistance and advice to Schools regarding international programs;
  4. assisting Course Coordinators and Heads of School with development of new offshore programs and partner linkages; and
  5. transfer of information from Schools to the Faculty Committee and Executive Dean.
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Section 2 - Faculty of Science Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Committee

Part C - Membership

(3) The Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Committee membership shall comprise:

  1. Sub-Dean Learning and Teaching - Presiding Officer
  2. Star Academic - Deputy Presiding Officer
  3. two nominees from each School
  4. manager of Faculty learning and teaching support staff.

(4) Right of audience and debate:

  1. all Heads of School
  2. Course Directors

(5) Administrative support to be provided by Faculty of Science Assistant to the Sub-Deans.

Part D - Terms of Reference

(6) Make recommendations to Faculty in relation to learning and teaching policy and best practice guidelines.

(7) Prepare a draft Teaching and Learning plan for consideration by Faculty Board that address the the University's strategic plans.

(8) Monitor the implementation of the the University and Faculty Learning and Teaching Plans.

(9) Provide faculty specific feedback to relevant the University committees in response to draft policies and plans.

(10) Receive reports from individual Schools in relation to implementation of teaching and learning practices or areas of concern.

(11) Promote and provide advice on the scholarship of teaching and learning.

(12) Identify and promulgate guidelines on good teaching and good teaching practices.

(13) Make recommendations to Faculty on Key Performance Indicators for learning and teaching.

(14) Identify and support the needs of casual teaching staff.

(15) Facilitate inter-School collaboration in relation to workshops, research projects, technical innovations, templates, common guidelines and other resources.

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Section 3 - Faculty of Science Professional Placements Committee

Part E - Membership

(16) Members include:

  1. Sub-Dean Professional Placements (Chair);
  2. other members will be appointed upon nomination of Heads of School
  3. Chair (or representative) of each of School Fieldwork Committees where committees are established;
  4. School representative.

Part F - Terms of reference

(17) The Faculty Professional Placements Committee is responsible for recommending to the Executive Dean and Faculty Board on matters relating to the professional placement components of programs of the Faculty.

(18) The Faculty Professional Placements Committee shall:

  1. develop a central repository of all relevant Faculty data, risk management strategies and other standard procedures and databases relevant to professional placements;
  2. review annually the Faculty's Plans as relevant to Professional placements;
  3. provide advice to the Executive Dean and Faculty Board on matters relating to governance of professional placements
  4. develop Faculty-specific policies and mechanisms consistent with the University policy, relating to professional placement activities in the Faculty;
  5. plan and implement activities to enhance the quality of professional placement activities in the Faculty;
  6. review and comment on communication with external partners that are relevant to the Faculty
  7. ensure alignment of School professional placement activities with Faculty objectives.

Part G - Meetings

(19) Meetings will be held monthly.

Part H - Quorum

(20) Quorum will be set at half plus one of the normal membership of the committee. If quorum is not reached the meeting may proceed and be minuted however any decisions will be held over until the next meeting at which there is a quorum.

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Section 4 - Faculty of Science Honours Committee

Part I - Membership

(21) Members include:

  1. Sub-Dean of Faculty Honours (Presiding Officer);
  2. a nominee of the Executive Dean; and
  3. each School (of the Faculty) Honours Coordinator.

Part J - Terms of Reference

(22) Promote a positive culture for honours within the Faculty.

(23) Liaise with the Executive Dean, Associate Deans, Sub-Deans of other portfolios, Heads of School and School Honours Coordinators on honours matters.

(24) Develop, maintain and promote a strategic plan for the Faculty Honours program.

(25) Recognise, develop and promote quality honours research and supervision.

(26) Encourage staff to pursue staff development opportunities that will enhance honours research and/or supervision.

(27) Facilitate networking of skill bases across disciplines and Schools within the Faculty.

(28) Inform honours regulation development and refinement at Faculty level.

(29) Determine honours grades/class.