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University Certificates Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose of the Guideline

(1) To assist employers, professional associations, registration boards and the wider public, including students, parents and other educational bodies to understand the nature of the University certificate.

(2) To identify the characteristics of the University certificate and to assist in course development and review.

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Section 2 - Certification of the Qualification

(3) As an Australian University, Charles Sturt University (the University) is empowered by the Federal Government to accredit its own courses. As such it is responsible for decisions relevant to the certification of its own local award programs, including courses leading to the award University Certificate in [discipline area].

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Section 3 - Certification of a Partially Completed Qualification

(4) A statement of achievement relating to the components of a University certificate can be provided.

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Section 4 - Assessment

(5) Responsibility for assessment lies with Charles Sturt University. This includes responsibility for ensuring the quality of assessment and assessment strategies. Assessment shall be governed as outlined in the Assessment Policy.

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Section 5 - Access to the Qualification

(6) Specific admission criteria may apply to each individual program. Candidates typically hold the equivalent of satisfactory completion of Year 12 in an Australian school system or equivalent and are expected to demonstrate potential to undertake work at this level. In some circumstances relevant prior work may be recognised, particularly where appropriate work of an advanced nature has been undertaken.

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Section 6 - Award of the Qualification

(7) The award of the qualification follows satisfactory completion of the requirements set by the University for a University certificate.

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Section 7 - Distinguishing Features

Point Value and Duration

(8) The point value of a University certificate is 64 points. The duration (in full-time equivalent terms) is one year.

Articulation with higher level courses

(9) A University certificate may articulate with an associate degree or diploma and/or a bachelor degree offered by the University. In such cases, satisfactory completion of the University certificate would enable a student to be admitted to the higher level course with which the University certificate articulates and to receive credit for the first year of that higher level course.

(10) Alternatively, a University certificate may be a completely independent course. In such cases, it may still be that successful completion of the University certificate would entitle a student to credit, as appropriate (up to a maximum of 64 points), in a bachelor degree, or an articulated associate degree (or diploma) and bachelor degree, in the same broad field of study.

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Section 8 - Characteristics of Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

(11) Preparation for the acquisition of a systematic and coherent body of knowledge, the underlying principles and concepts, and the associated problem-solving techniques.

(12) Development of academic skills and attitudes needed to comprehend and evaluate new information, concepts and evidence from a range of sources.

(13) The degree of emphasis on breadth as against depth of knowledge and skills may vary between qualifications granted at this level, depending on whether or not the qualification articulates with a higher level undergraduate course. In all instances, it would be expected that familiarity with the discipline in question at an introductory level would be achieved.

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Section 9 - Authority for Learning Outcomes

(14) In the higher education sector, objectives and academic requirements of courses are set by universities having regard for requirements set by peer review and the requirements of relevant professional bodies and employer groups. Universities may establish course advisory committees comprising a range of interested parties including practitioners, employers, community representatives and academic staff from other institutions to facilitate ongoing review of content and relevance.

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Section 10 - Form of Abbreviation

(15) UnivCert:

  1. Example: UnivCertAddStud.