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Admissions Procedure - Direct Applications

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The purpose of this Procedure is to outline the application to offer process along with the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in the process.


(2) This Procedure covers the processing of applications from initial lodgement through to offer.

(3) For the purpose of this Procedure:

  1. Course Assessor - the Course Coordinator or Faculty nominee who will assess the application.
  2. Faculty Representatives - the person/s nominated by the Faculty to track and monitor the status of applications within the Faculty.
  3. Admissions Officers - the Admissions Officers are responsible for assessing applications for delegated courses and ensuring all offers and conditional offers that can be made are made within two working days. This team also ensures all applications requiring further action are sent to the appropriate person.
  4. Client Services Officers - the Client Services Officers are responsible for following up on an application to ensure all documentation is received and that applications are returned from the Schools in sufficient time to meet the 10 day turnaround time.
  5. Course information listing - a comprehensive listing showing all information relevant to a particular course such as key contacts, delegations and alternative course options.
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Section 2 - Glossary

(4) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy

(5) Nil.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(6) Applications are received by the Admissions Office.

(7) All applications that can be made an offer or conditional offer are handled by the Admissions Officer and offers are made.

(8) Applications requiring further information or Faculty assessment are actioned and then passed to the Client Services Officers by the Admissions Officers.

(9) Applications requiring Faculty eligibility or credit assessment are emailed or mailed to the appropriate Course Assessor (Course Coordinator or Faculty nominee). These are also copied to the relevant Faculty Representative (e.g. Course/Office managers/Directors) or a generic email as provided). If applications are mailed a summary list of these applications will be emailed to the Faculty Representative and the Course Assessor.

(10) Course Assessors must notify Faculty Representatives and the Admissions Team if they are absent, out of the office or should any other circumstance prevent them attending to application assessment.

(11) Should Course Assessors distribute applications to other parties they are responsible for advising the Faculty Representative and the Admissions Office to ensure turnaround times are monitored and recorded.

(12) Faculty Representatives will ensure that general eligibility applications are returned in three working days and credit applications are returned in five working days.

Batching of Applications

(13) Unless courses are competitive and applications are required to be assessed as a batch, applications must be assessed individually and returned as soon as possible. Applications should not be held up so they can be returned as a group.

(14) Batches of competitive applications should be assessed immediately for ineligible applications so that ineligible applicants can be informed. Ineligible applicants are to be notified of their status as soon as possible.

Ineligible Applications

(15) Where possible all ineligible applicants will be offered an alternative option for study. These options are listed in the course information listing.

(16) The Faculty will review its positive options prior to the admission period for each session.

Part A - Responsibilities and Authorities

Admissions Teams

(17) The Admissions Officers are responsible for ensuring all possible applications are made an offer or a conditional offer within two working days.

(18) The Client Services Officers are responsible for:

  1. client and faculty liaison;
  2. ensuring all applications not subject to student delays or the provision of correct and necessary information, are processed within ten working days;
  3. ensuring all issues are recorded on appropriate incident reporting forms; and
  4. following up outstanding applications to ensure that overall turnaround times are met.

Faculty Representatives

(19) Faculty Representatives (e.g. Officer managers, Courses managers for Directors) are responsible for:

  1. ensuring that applications are forwarded onto the most appropriate person for assessment in the absence of the Course Assessor; and
  2. ensuring all issues are recorded on appropriate incident reporting forms.

(20) Course Assessors (Course Coordinators or nominee)

(21) Course Assessors are responsible for:

  1. advising Admissions Office and the Contact Centre of any changes to criteria for entry and any information regarding course specific information that needs to be added to the offer of admission;
  2. advising any delays or action required to the Client Services Officer and discussing this with their Faculty Representative; and
  3. advising any applications distributed to other parties or Faculty staff.

Direct Offers Team

(22) Members of the Direct Offers Team are responsible for:

  1. ensuring the process is occurring and operating smoothly;
  2. addressing procedural issues through the Direct Offers Team; and
  3. reporting all issues on appropriate incident reporting forms.
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Section 5 - Guidelines

(23) Nil.