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Academic Regulations Policy - Minor and Major Amendments

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Editorial Corrections

(1) Academic Senate authorised the University Secretary to make editorial corrections to the Academic Regulations at any time provided that such changes do not affect the intent or meaning of the Regulations (AS 92/154 on 18.8.92). In 2003 the University Secretary delegated to the Deputy Director Governance and Academic Secretary authority for the provision of advice on academic rules and regulations. This authority includes making editorial corrections to academic regulations.

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Section 2 - The Effective Date of Regulation Changes

(2) Minor amendments to academic regulations and academic policy, that do not alter the spirit or intent of the regulation or policy, shall be approved to be effective from the date of approval.

(3) Major amendments to academic regulations and academic policy that are approved during a particular year shall be effective no earlier than the first session of enrolment in the following academic year for all cohorts of students in whichever approved the University calendar they are enrolled.

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Section 3 - References to Number of Days in Academic Regulations and Academic Policy

(4) In the absence of specific wording in academic regulations or academic policy (as published in the Academic Manual) that identifies whether or not a reference to days is calendar days or working days, then the reference to days is deemed to be calendar days.