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Academic Governance Statement

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Section 1 - Academic Governance


(1) The paper is predicated on the central assertion that the academic policies of Charles Sturt University (the University) are determined by the Academic Senate. The implementation of those policies in the Faculties that constitute the University is the function of the Faculty Board of each respective Faculty. Faculty Boards are sub-committees of the Academic Senate.

Supporting Assumptions

Academic Policy and Structures

(2) Academic policy is that set of goals and objectives relating to the teaching, scholarship and research of the University. To effect the academic policies the Academic Senate will prescribe institutional structures for the delivery of the academic process.

Collegial Decision Making

(3) The basic principle upon which these academic governance proposals is predicated is that, in order to protect academic freedom within the University, academic policy is collegially determined.

Boards and Committees

(4) At the operational level, the Faculty Boards of the Faculties of the University will make recommendations to the Academic Senate, but will also have specific delegations for determination at Faculty level. The Academic Senate and the respective Faculty Boards will work through a system of sub-committees with powers of recommendation and in certain prescribed matters, determination.

(5) The term of appointment for members of the Academic Senate is two years (in accordance with the provisions of the Governance (Academic Senate) Rule 2006 No 6 . The terms of appointment for members of the committees of Academic Senate is determined by the Academic Senate in accordance with the provisions of the Rule for the Committees of Academic Senate 2006 (Note: the term of appointment is normally two years).

(6) The rules for the conduct of meetings of the Academic Senate and its committees will be in accordance with the Rule for the Conduct of Meetings of Academic Committees .

(7) Unless specified, the members of the Sub-committees of the Academic Senate or of the Faculty Boards need not necessarily be members of the super-ordinate body. However, notwithstanding the method of election or appointment, the presiding members of each of the committees or sub-committees shall be members of the Faculty Boards.

Academic Sponsorship

(8) In the developmental stages and for a defined period, the new the University was sponsored academically by the University of New South Wales. Sponsorship was taken to mean cooperation in the development of academic programs through representation by the University of New South Wales on the University Council (formerly the Board of Governors), the Academic Senate, and the major academic committees, together with co-operation in academic endeavours such as, where it was considered desirable, joint-supervision of higher degrees, transfer courses and in research promotion and execution. Sponsorship was not intended to absolve or diminish the responsibility of Charles Sturt University or of its committees for any of its academic endeavours, including research.

(9) The period of sponsorship by the University of NSW ended in the mid 1990's.