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Study Support Scheme Policy - Postgraduate for General Staff

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

February 2022 – This document has been rescinded. It is replaced by the Professional Development Procedure - Professional/General Employee Schemes

Section 1 - Introduction

This Policy replaces the "Guidelines on the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for General Staff" that were approved on 9 September, 2004 and amended on 17 December, 2004 and 1 March, 2005.
The Guidelines on the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for General Staff replaced the "Full Fee Paying Postgraduate Studies at CSU" section of the policy on the "Study Time and Assistance Scheme for General Staff" that was adopted on 10 December 1999 (CNL 99/104), amended on 1 February 2001, and rescinded on 3 December 2004 (CNL 04/154).
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Section 2 - Purpose

(1) This Policy sets out the management principles on the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for General Staff.

(2) The Postgraduate Study Support Scheme is a Charles Sturt University-wide scheme and replaces any Faculty or Divisional support scheme that may be currently in place.

(3) The purpose of the Scheme is to encourage general staff to further their professional development by undertaking postgraduate study on a part-time basis in a field that directly relates to their current position within Charles Sturt University (the University).

(4) Benefits of the Scheme include:

  1. increased access to postgraduate study;
  2. enhanced staff performance;
  3. opportunities for career development and succession planning; and
  4. enhanced organisation capability.
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Section 3 - Glossary

(5) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. Professional development - is "the process by which individuals increase their understanding and knowledge, and/or improve their skills and abilities, to perform better in their current positions or to prepare themselves for a position to which they can realistically aspire in the near future" (McCullough, R. C. 1987, "Professional development" in Training and Development Handbook: A Guide to Human Resource Development, 3rd edn, ed R.L. Craig, McGraw-Hill, New York, p. 37).
  2. Career development at Charles Sturt University (the University) - is a process where employees initiate action to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to prepare for a future position at a similar or different level with the University or another organisation.
  3. Postgraduate study - refers to "a course of study undertaken after completing a first degree". (The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 2004)
  4. Academic session - refers to a semester (Autumn or Spring Session), trimester or Summer Session at the University.
  5. Supervisor - refers to the person who directly supervises or manages the applicant. However, if the supervisor is employed at HEW Level 6 or below, then "supervisor" refers to the applicant's manager.
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Section 4 - Eligibility

(6) The Postgraduate Study Support Scheme is open to all general staff of Charles Sturt University who meet the following criteria:

  1. they hold a full-time or part-time continuing appointment at the University;
  2. they have completed at least 12 months' service at the University; and
  3. they meet the admission requirements for postgraduate study.
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Section 5 - References

(7) Staff members who apply for financial support for postgraduate study through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme may also apply for study time through the Study Time Scheme for General Staff .

(8) Charles Sturt University's Academic Regulations apply to all University students, including staff who have been approved for financial support through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme.

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Section 6 - Financial Support

(9) Financial support is available to all eligible general staff members who enrol in the University full fee-paying, postgraduate course or subject on a part-time basis.

(10) The program of study must relate directly to their current position within the University. This program may comprise:

  1. one or more individual subjects at postgraduate level that are available through the Associate Student Program at the University;

    NOTE: Postgraduate study through this program requires the approval of the relevant Subject Coordinator. Information about the Associate Student Program is located at the following University's Single Subject Study web page.
  2. a Graduate Certificate course at the University;
  3. a Graduate Diploma course at the University;
  4. a Master's Degree course (by coursework or research) at the University; or
  5. a Doctoral Degree course.

(11) The Scheme does not provide financial support for:

  1. study that is not directly related to the staff member's current position;
  2. undergraduate study;
  3. Commonwealth supported student places (i.e. HECS-HELP);
  4. study of subjects delivered by the University's industry partners; or
  5. study through other universities.

(12) Applications for approval or renewal of financial support must be made on the relevant prescribed form ( PG1 or PG2 ).

(13) Evidence of admission to University full fee-paying, postgraduate study is required for approval of financial support through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme.

(14) A 25% rebate in subject fees is available through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for all eligible general staff members who enrol in full fee-paying, postgraduate studies at the University.

(15) All staff members who are approved through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for a rebate in their subject fees are required to complete a Residual Benefit Declaration . This declaration lasts for five years.

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Section 7 - Other Support Available

Guidelines on Support for the Professional Development of University Staff

(16) These guidelines outline University support such as:

  1. Study Time Scheme for General Staff;
  2. Professional Experience Scheme for General Staff;
  3. Mentoring Program;
  4. fee support through the Division of Financial Services;
  5. salary packaging; and
  6. University scholarships.


(17) From 1 January 2005, all eligible Australian citizens and humanitarian visa holders will be able to access the FEE-HELP scheme which offers an income-contingent loan facility from the Commonwealth Government to pay full-fee undergraduate or postgraduate course fees. NOTE: FEE-HELP absorbs the Postgraduate Education Loan Scheme (PELS).

(18) Details of FEE-HELP are available from the website at

Tax Deduction for Self-Education Expenses

(19) Students enrolled in a full fee-paying course that is of direct relevance to their current employment may claim study-related costs such as tuition and course fees, textbooks, professional and trade journals, photocopying and/or travel as a tax deduction on their tax return. NOTE: Employees who have salary packaged the course fees are not able to claim self-education expenses as a tax deduction on their tax return.

(20) Details about self-education expenses that can be claimed as tax deductions are available from the Australian Taxation Office's website.

Alumni Gold Card Membership

(21) Graduates and staff of the University may become Alumni Gold Card members or Gold Card Life members and receive a 10% discount on their fee-paying University course fees in addition to the 25% fee rebate offered through the Postgraduate Study Support Scheme.

(22) Details about the Alumni membership benefits are available from: