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Policy Library Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board displays recently approved policy documents that have come into effect in the last two months, as well as draft policy documents available for comment.


Recent Approvals

To view a summary of any changes and contact information, click on the document title and select the ‘Status and Details’ tab. 

Document Title Status Effective Date
Academic Integrity Policy Future 1st July 2020
Enrolment Policy Future 1st June 2020
Governance (Academic Senate) Rule 2018 Current 21st February 2020
University Safety and Health Management Committee - Membership and Terms of Reference Current 19th February 2020
Animals on University Premises Policy Current 31st January 2020
Governance (Academic Senate) Rule 2018 Historic 15th January 2020
Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group - Membership and Terms of Reference Current 8th January 2020

Draft Documents for Comment

You are invited to review the following documents and provide comment. 

A shield Protected Document indicates that a document is under development and only available to the core stakeholder group using the password issued by the author.

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
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