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International Experience Grants and Scholarships Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.


Section 1 - Purpose


(1) Charles Sturt University (the University) recognises the importance, and values the benefits, of providing students with opportunities to undertake academically recognised international experiences as part of their course of study. International experience may:

  1. expand academic learning opportunities;
  2. develop intercultural understanding;
  3. further develop language and communication skills;
  4. develop professional networks; and
  5. enhance personal development including leadership, social awareness, and global citizenship skills.

(2) Through CSU Global, the University provides a range of opportunities for students to undertake a period of international study, for academic recognition, as part of their course of study.

(3) This policy details the University's requirements for the dispersal of funds associated with international travel grants and scholarships.

(4) Scholarships and grants associated with international mobility are provided to assist with access to international study experience by a broad range of students.


(5) The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. establish the governing principles in relation to international scholarships and grants as administered through CSU Global;
  2. detail the requirements for the provision of funds;
  3. provide eligibility requirements; and
  4. detail the expectations and requirements for recipients of funds.

(6) This policy applies to all CSU Global inbound and outbound international programs and participants of such programs.

(7) The University is responsible for:

  1. developing and maintaining the University's international travel scholarship policies and conditions, and ensuring consistency in their administration;
  2. managing agreements with external providers of scholarship funds;
  3. submitting applications for government and independent scholarship funding on behalf of the University;
  4. monitoring and reporting the funding allocation of both internal and external scholarships;
  5. managing contracts associated with external sources of funding, including but not limited to the Commonwealth Government; and
  6. coordinating the selection of scholarship recipients.
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Section 2 - Glossary

(8) In this policy:

  1. CSU Global - refers to the office within the University responsible for the facilitation and coordination of student international experience opportunities. CSU Global is administered by the Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships.
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Section 3 - Policy

Part A - References

(9) This policy should be read in conjuction with:

  1. Overseas Higher Education Loans Program (OS HELP) Policy; and
  2. Travel Policy.

Part B - Principles

(10) The University aims to provide a transparent, confidential, fair and consistent process in relation to the allocation of funds to enable students to undertake international study experiences. This includes internal and Commonwealth Scholarships program funds.

(11) The provision of grants and scholarships aims to increase the accessibility of international student experience to the diverse student profile.

(12) Grants and scholarships should improve the opportunity for international educational activities for students and support bilateral exchange with international partner institutions.

(13) Funding to support international experience is linked to academic recognition and will only be dispersed to students undertaking a program approved by CSU Global.

(14) Academic recognition is the recognition provided to a CSU Global program participant in the form of partial or full credit points awarded to the student’s course of study. Academic recognition is determined by, and is at the discretion of the Course Director, and must be agreed upon prior to a student participating in a program.

(15) Where academic recognition is to be determined on an individual basis, the student is responsible for confirming academic recognition arrangements with the relevant Course Director before undertaking a CSU Global program.

Part C - Funding available to support international experience programs

Vice-Chancellor's travel grant

(16) Internal funding is sourced from within the University budget. The provision of these grants is subject to the ongoing ability to fund such grants from within the ordinary budget. The allocation of this funding may be suspended at any time subject to budgetary conditions.

Commonwealth Government scholarships and grants

(17) Administered through the CSU Global office, the distribution of Australian Government scholarships is provisional on University allocation and includes both exchange and short term program funding.

Special grants

(18) From time to time grants and scholarships may become available. The terms and conditions of funding allocation in this instance will be agreed upon by CSU Global and where necessary other interested parties.

Part D - Eligibility

(19) To be eligible for funding associated with an outbound international experience at the University, a student must:

  1. be participating in a CSU Global approved international experience program;
  2. have received pre approved academic recognition from their Course Director in association with their participation in the program;
  3. be enrolled in a University degree at the time of application;
  4. be enrolled in a University degree for the duration of program participation;
  5. agree to the terms and conditions as determined by CSU Global;
  6. where applicable, agree to the terms and conditions as determined by the funding body providing the grant;
  7. provide evidence of travel and medical insurance for the duration of program at a level required by CSU Global;
  8. not have received funding for the same program in a previous session; and
  9. international students may be eligible for funding provided they are not returning to their, or their parents' country of residence, and that any such travel does not breach visa conditions.

(20) To be eligible for funding associated with inbound mobility a student must:

  1. be involved in an undergraduate student exchange program between the University and a partner institution;
  2. maintain an equivalent full time study load with academic recognition from their home institution;
  3. be enrolled in a partner institution at the time of application and for the duration of their exchange program;
  4. agree to the terms and conditions as determined by CSU Global;
  5. where applicable, agree to the terms and conditions as determined funding body;
  6. provide evidence of travel and medical insurance for the duration of program at a level determined by CSU Global;
  7. not have received funding for the same program in a previous session; and
  8. abide by the conditions of their visa and the visa requirements of the University.

Part E - Termination

(21) CSU Global will terminate an international scholarship or grant and retains the right to recoup the value of the scholarship or grant where:

  1. the recipient ceases to meet the eligibility criteria as specified in part D of this policy; or
  2. the University determines that a recipient is guilty of misconduct including academic or general student misconduct; or
  3. CSU Global determines that the scholarship was awarded on the basis of false or misleading information; or
  4. the recipient withdraws from the program prior to its completion.

Part F - Appeals

Non-award of a scholarship

(22) An unsuccessful scholarship applicant may appeal on procedural grounds only (that is, where there has been an error in the consideration process of the application).

(23) It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all relevant information, including supporting documentation, within 10 working days of notification of failure to receive a grant or scholarship. Failure to do so will not constitute grounds for an appeal, even if the circumstance was beyond the applicant's control.

Withdrawal of a scholarship

(24) Where a student fails to meet the terms and conditions of their scholarship the scholarship may be withdrawn.

(25) A student may be liable for the repayment of a grant or scholarship where it is found that it was awarded due to the provision of false or misleading information, or if the student fails to meet the requirements under which the funds were awarded.

Appeal outcomes

(26) Following receipt of an appeal, it will be referred to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community and Global Engagement).

(27) The outcome of the appeal will be advised to the applicant by CSU Global and decisions on appeals will be made within 20 working days.

(28) Students have the right to seek a review (but not a further appeal) of any administrative process or decision by the University Ombudsman once the appeal process has been completed.

Part G - Amendments

(29) Amendments may be made to this policy from time to time, in line with the changing requirements of funding bodies.

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Section 4 - Procedures

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Section 5 - Guidelines

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